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Sarah Wells Stylish Breast Pump Bags New Products for 2016!

Sarah Wells is known for her stylish breast pump bags. I have included them in my stylish breast pump bag reviews and personally reviewed her "Annie" bag.

She has a new line that debuted on black Friday 2015 and includes two new colors of the "Annie" bag in metallic pewter and camel. There is also a completely new bag style called "Kelly" in black and white that converts to a backpack, and a new product called a "Pumparoo" which is a pouch for your breast pump parts.

Sarah Wells Breast Pump Bags

The "Pumparoo"

The "Pumparoo" pouch will allow you to transport small breast pump parts and then use the bag to hold used breast pump parts in the refrigerator in-between pumping sessions.

It has a wrist strap and is available in black, navy and gray.

Sarah Wells "Pumparoo"

I can think of a few other uses for the "Pumparoo" even if you do not need it for pumping. I believe it would make a great snack bag for toddlers, or a great bag for any small items you would like to transport safely. I am definitely planning to get one for my diaper bag.

The "Pumparoo" can be found on Amazon

"Annie" in metallic pewter or camel

The "Annie" bag is about 14 x 7 x 14 inches and has room for everything you need.

This bag comes in a faux leather, so it's easy to wipe clean but still looks stylish. I reviewed the "Annie" in black and I am sure it's beautiful in the new color options as well.

There is a medium size pocket on the front outside of the bag which would be great for a phone, and a zipper pocket for other small items on the inside.

I really love having the option to wear my bag on my shoulder or across my body with a longer strap. "Annie" has comfortable rounded shoulder straps and a removable long cross body strap.

There are two thermally lined pockets on either side of the bag. A pump can fit in one pocket and the other can be used for pumped milk and other supplies. The thermal lining will keep milk cold for up to six hours with an ice pack. How awesome, no need for a separate cooler!

The camel color has a light blue lining. It is available on Amazon

Sarah Wells "Annie" bag

Sarah Wells "Annie" bag

The metallic pewter has a pink lining. It is available on Amazon

Sarah Wells "Annie" bag

Sarah Wells "Annie" bag

"Kelly" convertible breast pump bag

This breast pump bag can be either a shoulder bag or a backpack. The straps can be hidden when in use as a shoulder bag or backpack, so you only see the straps that are in use.

It comes in an easy to clean nylon and black and white pattern with pink lining. This is the only designer breast pump bag with an extra large breast pump pocket to accommodate a hospital grade breast pump. This is a wonderful option for women who are renting a hospital grade pump and still want a stylish option to transport it. I rented a hospital grade pump with my first baby and they can be a pain to carry. Just like all of her bags, the pump pocket is thermally lined to keep items cold for up to 6 hours with an ice pack.

This bag has 8 pockets total!

Sarah Wells "Kelly" bagSarah Wells "Kelly" bagSarah Wells "Kelly" bag

I think this may be my favorite Sarah Wells breast pump bag yet. I am a huge fan of black and white designs and love the versatility of a backpack or shoulder bag. I think this would make a great diaper bag as well. I am seriously considering buying this one for baby #3 in May.

The "Kelly" is available on Amazon as well.

There you have it! Three brand new products from Sarah Wells and they are as stylish and functional as all of her products. I love this line. Good luck shopping and picking only one!



Gabrielle Pennington

Thursday 3rd of December 2015

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