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Boba Wrap vs Moby Wrap

The Boba Wrap and the Moby Wrap are both soft wraps designed to hold your baby close to you.

A wrap is a beautiful baby carrier for a newborn; they are simple in that there are no buckles or straps to configure. They both consist of one long piece of fabric that you tie.

When my first baby was born, I had a Bjorn ready to go, but I kept hearing from other moms how wonderful a wrap was for a newborn.

The name I kept hearing over and over was the Moby Wrap. 

One day, my mother came home from the store with a Boba wrap for me, which is how I ended up with Boba over Moby.

I always wondered, though, if the Moby was better, what the difference was, and if I ended up with the right choice.

After using my Boba for three babies and loving it, I can thoroughly recommend it.

I have since checked out and tried a Moby for comparison purposes. 

While they are very similar, they have a few differences, which I will discuss here.

Boba Wrap

The Boba Wrap has a simple design with no buckles, straps, or buttons. It evenly distributes the baby's weight, making it comfortable for extended wear. 

Baby can be carried facing you and in an infant hold.

Boba wraps are machine washable, 95% Cotton/5% Spandex blend.

I love the spandex blend because that little stretch keeps the feeling snug and from stretching out on you.

Boba baby wrap

Moby Wrap

The Moby wrap is recommended for babies 8-35 lbs and is machine-washable 100% cotton.

When wrapped, the Moby uses your entire back and shoulders to distribute your baby's weight. It is simply one long piece of fabric you tie; there are no buttons or straps.

Moby Baby Wrap

Similarities between the Boba and Moby Wrap

If you are familiar with these wraps, you already know they are very similar. Both wraps are one long piece of fabric that needs to be tied.

Either one will make an excellent option for a newborn baby. They are one size fits all.

Both Moby and Boba wrap support a baby or toddler up to 35 pounds, although I find they work best for newborns and babies under 15 pounds.

Both come in many color and style options. Either one is considered a great beginner or starter wrap.

boba wrap vs moby wrap

Differences between the Boba and Moby Wrap

The Moby wrap is longer and broader, so there is more fabric. 

I am still determining if this is a pro or a con since I found the fabric in the Boba more than sufficient.

I am used to wrapping the Boba and found the extra fabric cumbersome, but it wouldn't be hard to get the hang of it.

The fabric on the Boba feels thicker and is very soft. The Moby felt more like a soft tee shirt fabric to me.

Think of it like comparing a soft sweatshirt material (Boba) to a tee shirt material (Moby) in terms of thickness and weight.

The most significant difference between these two wraps is that the Boba has 5% spandex, adding a bit of stretch to it the Moby does not have.

Wrap the Boba as tightly as possible since it can be stretched to insert your baby.

With the Moby, getting the Wrap just right is recommended since there is no additional stretch to work with.

They also offer many different color and style options. The Moby now has some other fabric options, while the Boba has many colors and styles and added a new fabric combination called the Boba Serenity wrap.

Here is a little information about the Serenity wrap:

The Boba Baby Wrap has several color choices for a calming, meditative, gender-neutral style.

  • 25% Cotton allows for airflow and easy care and long-term durability. Like your favorite T-Shirt, cotton is a natural fiber that we all know and love!
  • 7% Spandex gives your Wrap a small amount of stretch. Like your favorite yoga pants, Spandex gives your Wrap the ability to form to your body and your baby.
  • 68% Viscose from Bamboo, making this the softest, silkiest Boba Wrap ever!
  • Easy to tie - There is just one way to tie your Boba Baby Wrap, making this the no-guess choice for carrying your baby. Each time you wrap your child, you're creating the perfect Ergonomic Seat that will keep your baby in the correct posture for healthy hip development.
  • With each Boba Wrap, you get so much more than just a baby carrier! The Wrap comes with Boba's full support - our babywearing education team is kind and knowledgeable and ready to help. We stand by our product 100%.

I love wraps for newborn babies. Despite claims that either of these wraps can go to 35 pounds, I tend to use an Ergo and sling more once my babies are over 15 pounds.

Boba and Moby are very similar in this regard, and I cannot recommend that one will last longer than the other.

Both wraps need to be tied, and this does have a bit of a learning curve, but it is easy once you get it down.

In many cases, this will come down to a personal preference. Do you prefer to have a little stretch in your Wrap? 

Or a thicker fabric but less fabric overall to deal with? The Boba is probably for you.

My pick is the Boba, but I am sure I could have used a Moby and been very happy with it when my baby was a newborn.

I used a Boba for all three of my babies, and it lasted without any wear and tear. I have since donated it. I was sad to see it go!

Pricing is very similar between the two wraps.

You can check out the Boba and the Moby here to learn more.

Update New Wraps!

When I wrote this post initially, Boba and Moby were the main stretchy wraps around.

There are so many other options, and I have tried a few. You definitely can't go wrong with Boba or Moby, though.

When I had my third baby, I tried a wrap called Happy Wrap, but it seems they are not even around anymore, so I have removed them from this review.

Now, there are so many different wraps available it is almost overwhelming. I am way beyond the newborn stage, so I will not be able to try these wraps out, but I wanted to add some of the now available wraps.

Baby Wraps

More baby wraps to try!

Some of my favorite baby brands here include Ergo Baby, Lillebaby, and more.

As an Amazon Associate and member of other affiliate programs, I earn from qualifying purchases.
Boba Wrap vs Moby Wrap Which One is Better?


Thursday 9th of February 2017

I'm a on seeing which would be better for hot weather??


Thursday 9th of February 2017

That's supposed to say "I'm wondering"


Friday 6th of January 2017

Hi my name is JoAnna I just want to say thanks your advice I am a mom of 4 that are under 5 years have a 3 month old baby boy and he constantly wants to be in my arms I hurd about the Moby wrap from my sister and she sed she absolutely loves it so I desided to do some resurch and I tryes to make one out of a throw blanket he fell in love with it and is only happy when I have him in it your article helped me alot since now I know the difference I think I will definitely go with a boba I like the idea of it being alittle stretch to it!! Thanks so much!


Wednesday 21st of December 2016

Did you breast feed with your wrap? I'm curious to see which one works better for that.


Friday 23rd of December 2016

Hi Tasha,

I have never been able to really breastfeed in a wrap without taking the arm part of it off and pulling everything down. I know there are videos on YouTube showing how to do it. I think either one would work about the same for breastfeeding because they tie the same way.


Saturday 10th of December 2016

I got the Boba wrap with my first baby and loved it as a starter wrap. It made me feel so confident when I first started baby wearing. I agree that at around 15 pounds it was nice to switch to something else. I went with a woven wrap, which I love for the versatility. I now have a one-month-old, and am once again loving my Boba wrap. I just found out my best friend is expecting her first, and wanted to get her a wrap. I was curious how the Moby and Boba wraps compared. After reading your review, I'm glad I have a Boba wrap rather than the Moby (although I'm sure it's a great wrap too). I am going to stick with the Boba wrap for my friend. Thanks!


Monday 12th of December 2016

Hi Olga,

I love the Boba wrap. I am sure the Moby is great as well but I have stuck with the Boba.


Friday 20th of May 2016

I just ordered my first wrap for my son who is over 20 lbs is it worth it or should just stick to the carrier?. I like the idea of not having so many buckles but he is getting heavier and does prefer to face forwars. Great comparison in article and feedback on both wraps. :-)


Saturday 21st of May 2016

Hi Jen, What kind of wrap did you get? I think it depends on the type how well it will work for over 20 pounds. I did not use my Boba that much after 20 pounds I used a carrier or ring sling more. I know there are many who do use wraps longer though. Hope that helps!