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Sarah Wells "Lizzy" Bag in Navy

Sarah Wells is known for her stylish breast pump bags. I have included them in my stylish breast pump bag reviews and personally reviewed her "Annie" bag. Needless to say I am a fan of her bags! They are all so stylish and fun it would be hard to pick only one.sarah wells "lizzy" navy

A true favorite of her fans is the "Lizzy" bag. It has always been available in gray but it is now available in navy as well. Navy was a limited addition color last spring but since it is so popular she has brought it back.

This color combination looks gorgeous! It is navy with a bright green on the inside. While I have not personally used the "Lizzy" bag, I did have an opportunity to review the "Annie" and have no doubt it has the same functionality, style and quality that any pumping mom would look for in a breast pump bag.

The Sarah Wells "Lizzy" Breast Pump Bag:

Fits all portable breast pumps on the market including the larger pumps.

Both side pockets are insulated and will keep pumped milk cold with ice packs up to 6 hours.

Has a large main compartment that will fit all of your supplies including a large laptop.

Has snaps on the side that allow it to go from a structured shape to a larger shape that will fit a ton!

Obviously this can be used as a pumping bag, diaper bag and purse all in one.

Here is the "Lizzy" bag in navy:

sarah wells "lizzy" navy

sarah wells "lizzy" navy

sarah wells "lizzy" navy

sarah wells "lizzy" navy

Here is the "Lizzy" in the original gray color

"Lizzy" breast pump bag"Lizzy" breast pump bag

Both of the "Lizzy" colors can be found on Amazon!

This is one of her largest bags and can hold everything you need for pumping and work. It will hold a laptop, plus all of your daily essentials, and a pump and pumping supplies. It is also the most affordable of her breast pump bag options. A stylish breast pump bag is a must have for any pumping mom.

You may be wondering why do I need a stylish breast pump bag? What is wrong with the standard issue black bag? Well... if you are toting a pump to work everyday you know what a hassle it is to leave the house with more than one bag. Having a bag that can perform as your work bag or purse, and carry your pump is much easier than carrying multiples. I know my standard black bag that came with my pump was a tight squeeze for only my pump and accessories. Forget trying to fit any personal items or a laptop in there. The "Lizzy" bag is large, has room for all of your stuff, and Sarah Wells has really thought of everything. The attention to detail and needs of moms truly shows in her designs. This is a great bag for traveling with a pump or using as a diaper bag as well.

Get "Lizzy" here or check out my review of the Sarah Wells "Annie" bag here.

Sarah Wells Breast Pump Bags are also launching some new colors and new products on black Friday 2015 including an intriguing item called the "Pumparoo" (a pouch to hold your pump parts). I will be reviewing those in a separate upcoming post!