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Encouraging Breastfeeding Quotes

There are many inspiring breastfeeding quotes that can be found to inspire and encourage a breastfeeding mother.

I grabbed some of my favorites and added them to this post. I like to read these to remind myself why I do what I do sometimes.

Let me know do you have a favorite breastfeeding quote?

Breastfeeding quotes to inspire and encourage

My favorite breastfeeding quotes

"It is the lucky child who still breastfeeds past two years old."

Former U.S. Surgeon General Dr. C. Everett Koop

"While breastfeeding may not seem the right choice for every parent, it is the best choice for every baby."

Amy Spangler

"My opinion is that anybody offended by breastfeeding is staring too hard."

David Allen

“Mothers and babies form an inseparable biological and social unit; the health and nutrition of one group cannot be divorced from the health and nutrition of the other.”

World Health Organization

“Mother’s milk is, I think, a symbol of compassion. Without mother’s milk we cannot survive, so our first act as a baby together with our mother is sucking milk from our mother, with a feeling of great closeness. At that time, we may not know how to express what love is, what compassion is, but there is a strong feeling of closeness. From the mother’s side also, if there is no strong feeling of closeness toward the baby, her milk may not flow readily. So, mother’s milk is, I think, a symbol of compassion and human affection.”

The Dalai Lama

"A newborn baby has only three demands. They are warmth in the arms of its mother, food from her breasts, and security in the knowledge of her presence. Breastfeeding satisfies all three."

Grantly Dick-Read

"A baby nursing at a mother's breast... is an undeniable affirmation of our rootedness in nature."

David Suzuki

"If a multinational company developed a product that was a nutritionally balanced and delicious food, a wonder drug that both prevented and treated disease, cost almost nothing to produce and could be delivered in quantities controlled by the consumers' needs, the very announcement of their find would send their shares rocketing to the top of the stock market. The scientists who developed the product would win prizes and the wealth and influence of everyone involved would increase dramatically. Women have been producing such a miraculous substance, breastmilk, since the beginning of human existence."

Gabrielle Palmer

“Something as simple as better breastfeeding could save a million children a year.”

Anne M Mulcahy

“The moment she had laid the child to the breast both became perfectly calm.”

Isak Dinesen

“I’m an advocate of ‘indiscreet’ breastfeeding – the more that people see babies at the breast, the more normal it will be.”

Dr. Jack Newman

“Breastmilk is love turned into food it takes someone special to share that love.”

Human Milk 4 Human Babies

"Breastfeeding is a mother's gift to herself, her baby and the earth."

Pamela K. Wiggins

"People need to understand that when they're deciding between breastmilk and formula, they're not deciding between Coke and Pepsi.... They're choosing between a live, pure substance and a dead substance made with the cheapest oils available."

Chele Marmet

“Bottles fill his stomach, but breastfeeding fills his soul.”

Diane Wiessinger, IBCLC

“Breastfeeding is an instinctual and natural act, but it is also an art that is learned day by day. The reality is that almost all women can breastfeed, have enough milk for their babies and learn how to overcome problems both large and small. It is almost always simply a matter of practical knowledge and not a question of good luck.”

La Leche League

“Mother's milk is soul food for babies. The babies of the world need a lot more soul food.”

Ina May Gaskin, Ina May's Guide to Breastfeeding

“Breastfeeding reminds us of the universal truth of abundance; the more we give out, the more we are filled up, and that divine nourishment – the source from which we all draw is, like a mother’s breast, ever full and ever flowing.”

Sara Buckley

And my favorite two quotes about motherhood in general

I have always loved these two quotes because parenting is exhausting and there were many many nights I needed to remind myself that it won't always be this hard or tiring.

I still have days where I am tired and just want a break, but now that my kids are a little older I appreciate these two quotes even more.

“The days are long, but the years are short”

Gretchen Rubin

“So quiet down cobwebs, dust go to sleep. I’m rocking my baby and babies don’t keep.”

Ruth Hulburt Hamilton

breastfeeding quotes to inspire and encourage

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