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Sarah Wells "Annie" Breast Pump Bag

I wrote a post awhile ago on Stylish Breast Pump Bags. Before becoming a mom, I was once a fashionable person who carried nice bags. I loved having a nice purse, and once the needs of a baby entered the picture I needed to find nice bags for my new role – mom!

I am not fond of carrying multiple bags at once (purse, diaper bag, pump bag) for all my needs so it has been critical to not only find nice diaper bags, but stylish breast pump bags. This is what led me to write my first post on different fashionable breast pump bags. One of the bags I wrote about was the Sarah Wells “Maddy” Breast Pump Bag. Well, that bag has been retired and Sarah Wells recently came out with two new models. I got the chance to check the Sarah Wells “Annie” Breast Pump Bag, and I am very excited to review it here.

Sarah Wells "Annie" Breast Pump Bag

I love Sarah’s story of how she developed her business. As a new mom she really hated toting her breast pump to work in a boring pump bag. She couldn't find an all in one bag that would store her breast pump separately and let her carry everything else she needed. While the black bag that comes with most breast pumps is perfectly functional for carrying a pump; it’s not the greatest to use as a purse or for schlepping everything you need for a day out including your pump, office accessories, purse items and lunch. With this dilemma in mind she set out to create a bag that was fashionable, functional and could meet all of those needs.

While I personally do not tote a pump to work, I have taken my breast pump on many trips and this bag works equally well for that purpose. So without further ado, my review of the Sarah Wells “Annie” Breast Pump Bag.

Sarah Wells "Annie" Breast Pump Bag

The "Annie" Breast Pump Bag specs

The first thing I was impressed with when I opened this bag is how large and roomy it is yet it does not look too large. If you are used to carrying around diaper bags this is very similar in size but it does not feel bulky. It's about 14 x 7 x 14 inches and has room for everything you need.

This bag comes in a faux leather, so it's easy to wipe clean but still looks stylish. It comes in black with silver hardware or you can get it in a bright blue color. The inside is a bright purple, which is a great color for finding things easily inside your bag.

Sarah Wells "Annie" Breast Pump Bag

There is a medium size pocket on the front outside of the bag which would be great for a phone, and a zipper pocket for other small items on the inside.

I really love having the option to wear my bag on my shoulder or across my body with a longer strap. This bag does not disappoint, with comfortable rounded shoulder straps and a removable long cross body strap.

There are two thermally lined pockets on either side of the bag. A pump can fit in one pocket and the other can be used for pumped milk and other supplies. The thermal lining will keep milk cold for up to six hours with an ice pack. How awesome, no need for a separate cooler!

Sarah Wells "Annie" Breast Pump Bag

The pockets on either side have a little clear photo pouch where you can add a picture of your baby to see while pumping. Sarah left a little card there with some helpful pumping tips which is very thoughtful.

This bag claims to fit most portable breast pumps in the side pocket easily. My Ameda Purely Yours pump, bottles, flanges and power adapter fit in the insulated side pocket with room to spare.

Sarah Wells "Annie" Breast Pump Bag

So what else do I love about this bag?

I love how stylish it looks and feels and it is very lightweight (well until you overload it like I tend to do). The materials feel durable and while I have not had it for long it seems it will hold up well. It definitely does not feel like a pump bag but it functions like one. I am able to leave my Ameda Purely Yours in the side pocket and just pull out the bottles and flanges for pumping which is a great feature.

Sarah Wells "Annie" Breast Pump Bag

I tested this bag out with all of my normal baby supplies, my supplies, and items I would take on a trip. Here I have my laptop as well as all my stuff in the center section. I have an ice pack, pumping bra and extra storage bottles in the other outside thermal pocket.

Sarah Wells "Annie" Breast Pump Bag

Sarah Wells "Annie" Breast Pump Bag

This bag can also make a great diaper bag on its own

Here I have both of my kid's cups, my makeup bag, wallet, diaper clutch with diapers and wipes, and a changing pad. There is still plenty of room for my cell phone and keys. This is what I carry on a daily basis and there was still plenty of room in the side pockets for extras.

Sarah Wells "Annie" Breast Pump Bag

Sippy cups fit great in the side pockets too..

Sarah Wells "Annie" Breast Pump Bag

Sarah Wells has a video here showing you how to pack your bag

And to give you an idea how it looks being worn..

I convinced my husband to humor me and take some pictures of me wearing the bag in various positions.

Sarah Wells "Annie" Breast Pump Bag


Sarah Wells "Annie" Breast Pump Bag


Sarah Wells "Annie" Breast Pump Bag

So where can you get this super functional and stylish "Annie" breast pump bag?

Amazon has it here with free 2 day shipping and free returns with Prime.

You can also check out the other new model from Sarah Wells - the "Lizzy" bag on Amazon.

Sarah Wells "Lizzy" Breast Pump Bag


This is a big step up from the boring breast pump bag that comes with most pumps. It is also much more functional and stylish. Once you are done pumping this can easily be used as a travel bag or diaper bag. It may be a little more pricy than using the standard issue pump bag, but it's worth it when it's something so functional that you know will get plenty of use.

This breast pump bag would also make a great gift for a breastfeeding and pumping mom. Please let me know if you have any questions and please stay tuned because I will be giving this bag away to a lucky reader in the future!

Thanks! Jen

*While the bag sample was provided this review was not paid for and all opinions are my own.


Brandyn Blaze

Monday 2nd of February 2015

This seems like a great bag! I remember struggling to juggle many bags when my daughter was a newborn. It didn't take long before I decided to let the diaper bag double as my purse! I'll definitely keep this in mind next time around!

Thank you for sharing with us at #MommyMeetupMondays!


Friday 6th of February 2015

My diaper bag has been doubling as a purse for a couple of years now. This bag can definitely function as a diaper bag, purse and carry your pump!