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What I'm Buying for my Third Baby

Now that I have two children, a boy and a girl you would think I do not need much for any additional babies. This is mostly true, although I did sell off a few of my big baby gear items because I thought I was done. As in, done having babies!

So, I don't need much but I do need a few things. I finally decided it was time to start preparing for my third baby. I am almost 33 weeks pregnant so after a stress free pregnancy where I have done nothing to prepare, I bought the items I have had on my wish list for awhile.

I figure after two kids I mostly know what is a must have, what I need, and what I don't need and this is my small purchase of supplies.

Every item I have bought is something I have used and LOVED already and needed to replace or something new I have been dying to try.

What I'm Buying for my Third Baby

Halo Sleepsack Swaddle

what to buy for third  baby

I have used almost every kind of swaddler on the market. I like the Swaddle Me and the Miracle Blanket. The miracle blanket was a huge hit with my daughter but my son never took to it.

I have also used aden + anais sleep sack type swaddle but could never get it tight enough (despite loving all of their other products - see below).

The one swaddle that has consistently worked for me through two children is the Halo Sleepsack Swaddle. I have a couple of hand me down Halos for this baby but I wanted to get her one of her own.

Wash cloths

list for third baby

Pretty self explanatory. It makes bathing a newborn easier when there is something to use and we don't have to submerge her in water.

Lansinoh TheraPearl 3-in-1 Breast Therapy, 2 Count

what to buy for a third baby

This is something I have not used before. I have always used warm compresses on my engorged breasts but I decided to treat myself this time. Third baby and all.. so I am not sure how great this product may be but I will report back after using. 

Diaper Organizer

Third baby must haves

Another item that is self explanatory. I like to be able to move diapers around the house where needed.

I created a rolling diaper caddy for my bedroom but plan to use this one downstairs.

Ergobaby nursing pillow

Third baby essentials

Another item that is somewhat new for me. While I love and have used other brand nursing pillows, in this case I wanted to try something new.

I still have a Boppy - my old stand by, but since it is softer I plan to use it in my bedroom. I used to carry it up and down the stairs but decided to try this pillow for my downstairs couch usage. I will be sure to write a full review after using.

Lille Baby Complete All Seasons Carrier

Gift for third baby

This is also a slightly new product for me. I have always used and LOVE my Ergobaby Organic Carrier. And, I plan to still use it. But, it's hot. It's black and thick cotton so I wanted something lighter for summer. The Lille Baby Complete All Seasons looks like a perfect fit because of the zip down section in front and mesh. And, I am always up for trying something new so...

Sakura Bloom Silk Sling

Third baby gifts

Another item for baby wearing which makes life with a newborn so much easier. This one was a treat to myself. I had a credit at Sakura Bloom that I have been saving over a year to either use or give away. I used it.

My supplies for third baby

Fisher-Price Cradle N Swing

Baby swing for third baby

I sold my swing after my son was done with it. I loved that swing, I believe the cradle n swing styles are the best, so I had to get another one.

Graco Bassinet/Play yard

I previously had the Fisher Price Rock N Play listed here. The Fisher Price Rock N Play has since been recalled and it is no longer sold or recommended.

I did use it with all three of my babies but I cannot recommend it anymore.

Another product I used and loved which is a good alternative to the Rock N Play is the Graco Travel Lite Crib and Play yard.

I used this for years with my second baby. It starts as a bassinet, then becomes a small cozy crib, and then eventually when outgrown can be used as a play yard.

It is a worthy purchase and can replace the Rock N Play. And we know it is definitely safe for sleep.

bassinet for third baby

aden + anais products

I am such a huge aden + anais fan. Their muslin swaddling blankets are used for everything from nursing cover, changing baby, swaddling baby, burpy cloth and my kids both 2 and 4 still sleep with theirs and use them all the time. So, I had to get a few new items for my new baby

aden + anais Organic Lovey Nursery Blanket

Once Upon a Time, aden + anais Organic Burpy Bib, Once Upon a Time

aden + anais Medallions Muslin Dream Blanket, For The Birds

what I am buying for third baby

A new stroller and car seat

I will go into way more detail on my stroller and car seat purchase in a future post. A car seat is obviously a must have.

Third Baby Checklist

I have added an easy to read checklist here as well if you just want a quick summary:

  • Swaddles - I have used swaddles with all of my babies and they work. 
  • Wash Cloths and towels - This is something I need to replace and have fresh for my third baby
  • Breast Pads and something to soothe breasts
  • Diaper Organizer
  • Nursing Pillow
  • Baby carrier, sling, or wrap - I love them all and you can’t go wrong with any choice but make sure it can carry a newborn. With three kids I need to be hands free
  • Swing
  • Bassinet/Play yard
  • Blankets
  • Stroller and car seat
  • Diapers


And that's it! I have not bought much for this baby at all and it's kind of nice. I already have a pack N play, bassinet, Boba wrap, many clothes and toys and other supplies.

I will need to stockpile some diapers and I have gotten a couple of new outfits for the baby.

I plan to buy some new nursing bras, some postpartum supplies and maybe new nursing pajamas but that is more for me than the baby.

Another, must have is white noise! Both of my children have white noise machines, but for this baby I will use an app on my phone since she will always be with me. But yes, white noise is a must have when it comes to babies.

Now this list does not encompass everything a new baby will need but since I already have so much it's my streamlined version of new baby must haves!

I will do another post in the future on newborn must haves to make sure I have not missed anything here.

Let me know, what are your must haves for a newborn?

And read more about the best things about a third pregnancy here!

Looking to score baby gear for a great deal? Check out Amazon Warehouse deals where you can sometimes get brand new items marked down. You can read more about that on my other blog.

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Monday 1st of May 2023

Thank you for sharing your list with us and best of luck as you prepare for the arrival of your new baby!

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Sunday 2nd of October 2016

Hey, I have baby number three on the way too and this post helped me alot. thanks!! Which diaper bag are you using? i searched alot but Im unable to decide. any suggestions please??


Monday 3rd of October 2016

Hi, Congrats on baby number three. I am all over the place on diaper bags! I have used many and I am actually still trying to find the perfect one for three. Do you have a style you prefer such as messenger vs backpack? Then I could recommend some that I have used in the past. I am currently looking at JuJuBe and I think I am going to buy a backpack style soon. Once I do I will make sure to review it!


Monday 23rd of May 2016

Our families sound pretty similar! I have a 2 year old daughter, a 1 year old son, and hubs and I are talking about when to have our third. I always like hearing perspectives on what other mamas are loving and think are worthwhile, especially moms who have been around the block before ?