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Kate Spade Diaper Bag Review

Let me tell you, I am a bag fanatic! I wrote a post about stylish breast pump bags so I decided to continue the idea and write one about stylish diaper bags.

After having three babies I went through way more diaper bags than I should have.

One of my all time favorites was the Kate Spade Stevie diaper bag. When it comes to a stylish diaper bag you cannot beat a Kate Spade diaper bag.

Now I did not start off with a Kate Spade baby bag. I had my share of different and more affordable brands when I had my first baby.

After having some of the less expensive bags I found reasons to desire more. Either missing features or the bags not holding up the way I wanted, or being too heavy. I then moved on to trying some more expensive ones.

Kate Spade Stevie Diaper Bag

I have owned Coach, Vera Bradley and Skip Hop diaper bags. I will review them all at some point.

Now you may be wondering why anyone needs a designer or fancy diaper bag. I agree, it's not for everyone.

In my case I love bags and have always considered them one of my favorite accessories I own. I don't spend much on shoes, jewelry, or other accessories but a bag goes everywhere with you, every single day.

I carry my life around, and use my bags for years, so I feel the splurge is worth it. Once I became a mom I realized I did not want to carry a separate purse and diaper bag.

I wanted to be able to use my diaper bag as both, and have it look good enough to pass as a purse too.

One of my favorite diaper bags I ever owned was the Kate Spade Stevie diaper bag.

kate spade baby bag

Kate Spade Stevie Baby Bag

The Stevie has come in many colors and styles over the years. I have the cream spade fabric but there is also black nylon and other colors to choose from as well.

They all have:

  • Water resistant lined interior with zippered pocket and 5 open slip pockets
  • Zippered top closure with open slip gusset pockets on either end; padded nylon changing pad
  • Dual leather handles with an 7.5" drop
  • Measures approximately 17" (L) x 10" (H) x 7" (W)
  • 14-karat gold plated hardware
  •  stroller straps

Of all the diaper bags I have used this one looks the most like a purse and is very stylish. Nothing about it says diaper bag.

It is super functional. It has a nice wide shape and it is easy to find items inside. Most of the other bags I have used would become kind of a pit and it would be hard to find things.

The shape also stays true and is not overly slouchy. I have used this Kate Spade baby bag for years and it still maintains it's shape.

The inside material is totally waterproof and wipeable. The outside is very durable. I have been using my cream colored bag almost daily for a year and it looks brand new!

The bottom is a nice wide leather that keeps the bag clean when you set it down in all kinds of places.

The changing pad it comes with is big and soft. Much bigger than the other cheap feeling ones that usually come with diaper bags.

It has a Velcro close and fits perfectly into an inner pocket. I don't actually carry the changing pad anymore because my kids are getting older but it was great while I used it.

The inside of the bag has five open pockets. I use a couple of them for my cell phone and small supplies. This is where I keep keys, phone, hand sanitizer, sunscreen and lotion.

Kate spade Stevie baby bag
kate spade diaper bag

One of the open pockets is very large. The changing pad fits here or I use it for diapers and wipes.

There is another large zippered pocket. This is where I keep a change of clothes and sometimes food.

On the outside there are two pockets on each end of the bag. These are great for cups. I put one in each side and I don't have to worry about getting anything inside of my bag damp.

There are two rolled leather shoulder straps. When viewing the bag I was worried these would slide or not be comfortable, but they are actually great and do not move off my shoulder at all.

The stroller straps work well and tuck away when not in use.

It's fairly lightweight. I have seen a few lighter and heavier but this does not feel heavy to me at all even when loaded up.

Kate Spade Stevie Diaper Bag

My only gripe with the Stevie bag in particular is that it does not have a long messenger type strap. This is something I believed I must have in a diaper bag.

I loved this bag so much I bought it anyway thinking maybe I could add one myself. But... I have not missed it at all.

The bag stays on my shoulder and does not slip. I have also found that I can attach the stroller straps to each other and make one long strap if I really want to use it that way.

Kate spade diaper bag reviews

So as you can see I absolutely loved my Kate Spade Stevie diaper bag and used it for many years.

But Kate Spade does not make this bag anymore. You can find it in various places around the internet. I have seen it for sale on resale sites including eBay and even Amazon does have it still.

It is possible you may be able to find it in a Kate Spade outlet as well. That is actually where I got mine in this color combination.

Amazon still has the Stevie diaper bag in black and white and black.

Other Kate Spade diaper bags

There are several newer Kate Spade baby bags in really cute styles too.
Here are some that are available.

Kate Spade New York Jae Nylon Baby Diaper Bag (Nightcap Multi)

Kate Spade baby bag
  • Spade New York Tote With zip Closure Jae Nylon Baby Diaper Bag
  • Interior Features multi purpose back & front slip pocket
  • Exterior Features multi purpose back zip & front zip pocket
  • Approximate Measurements 11.8"h × 18.5"w × 6.9"d handle drop: 11" strap drop: 22"

Kate Spade New York Baby Bag Jae Elegant Bow Multi

Kate Spade diaper bag
  • Size Approx. Measurement: 12” (H) X 18” (W) X 7” (D)
  • Adjustable Strap
  • Zip Top Closure
  • Two exterior zip pocket and one slip pocket
  • interior slip pocket

Kate Spade Jae Fleurette Toss Baby Diaper Bag Women's Handbag Nylon Tote

diaper bag kate spade
  • Baby pad included
  • 11.8"h × 18.5"w × 6.9"d handle drop: 11" drop: 22"
  • Nylon lined baby bag with zip closure dual interior slide pockets
  • Large interior slide pocket, medium interior slide pocket, dust bag not included imported

Kate Spade Women's Quilted Diaper Tote Black

kate spade diaper bag black

This is Kate Spade's black diaper bag. You cannot go wrong with a lightweight basic black bag.


A Kate Spade diaper bag is a splurge but it's worth it in my opinion.
My Kate Spade Stevie bag was my favorite diaper bag of all the ones I went through.

After three babies and toddlers it went through a lot and came out looking brand new. I ended up selling it when I was done with it and it held the value.

Of course a designer diaper bag would also make a great baby shower gift. Let me know, do you have a favorite diaper bag?