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Creating a Changing Station for Baby!

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I am over halfway through my pregnancy and I have yet to buy or do much of anything for this baby. I suppose that is how it goes with the third baby. I am enjoying the lack of planning stress that I experienced with my first, and even my second baby. I am much more relaxed this time around and I pretty much have it down as to what I need (and don't need) for a baby.

That said, I have decided it may be time to start preparing a few simple items to get ready. Having supplies around the house within reach makes life with a new baby easier. Even if I don't purchase much for this baby I know I am going to need diapers and wipes. I have decided to start preparing by creating diaper changing stations around the house.

Baby Changing Station

I recommend a changing station on each floor of the home. If your house has more than one floor there is no way you will want to walk up or down a flight of stairs for each diaper change. If you are like me you may not even want to walk to another room ha. In my case I live in a townhouse with three floors and I always keep diaper supplies on the top and middle floor where we spend most of our time. I am creating a changing station with the changing basics for each of these floors.

Both of my children have their own beautiful room with all of their diapering supplies on their dresser. We have run out of space though and our third baby will not have her own room. My plan is for her to be in my room until I decide which siblings get to share a room. For this reason I am setting up my first changing station in my room, and since it is not a permanent spot I want it to be easy to move around. I have a rolling storage cart with drawers I already own that will be perfect. This way I can roll it right into my closet or bathroom if I would like to hide it away.

storage cart with drawers

I headed to Family Dollar to stock up on my favorite Huggies diapers and wipes. Family Dollar is a great one stop shop for baby needs at a great value. I have no idea how big this baby will be so I bought size 1 diapers vs newborn to be safe. I plan to stockpile diapers throughout the rest of my pregnancy so I am ready when she gets here.

Family Dollar


I gathered all of my supplies:

Diapering Supplies

Diapers - Of course this is a must have.

Wipes - Another must have.

Changing Pad - I like to have a portable one so I can use it on whatever surface is needed.


Hand sanitizer - I refill pump bottles from a larger supply so I have it ready. You never know when you may need to clean your hands before you make it to the sink.

Diaper ointment or paste - I usually use an A and D type ointment as a preventative and something stronger for rashes.

Diaper Ointment and Hand Sanitizer

Burp clothes - I like to have a couple handy for any extra wiping up I need to do.

Outfit change - In case the outfit gets ruined, it's nice to have an extra handy.

Diaper Change Outfit Change

Plastic bags kept in an old wipes case - While I do use a diaper pail occasionally, I typically like to bag any gross diapers and get them out of the house. Having bags right at the changing station is helpful. I use an old wipes case to store them.

Wipes Case

Take an old wipes case and place any kind of plastic bags in it. These bags are similar to the kind used for dog messes but grocery bags will work too. You can use a full size wipes case or a smaller one as shown.

Wipes Case Baggies

This is a great way to up-cycle all those extra wipe containers we accumulate, and they can be used all over the house.

Wipes Case With Bags

I put diapers, wipes and my changing pad in the top drawer so it's the closest when I need it.


My hand sanitizer, diaper ointment, bags, burp clothes and extra outfit go in the second drawer.


The third drawer is perfect for keeping extra diapers and anything else you may need!


I now have an easy to use, rolling diaper changing station. I plan to replicate this exactly on my lower level of the house. If you need something a little smaller baskets also work well for creating changing stations around the house.


Please let me know, what are your favorite items to stock in your diaper changing station?


Sunday 24th of January 2016

A permanent marker , I write the time I put the diaper baby so I can change it every couple hours.

Mother of 2

Thursday 21st of January 2016

A small toy or two to keep older child occupied


Tuesday 19th of January 2016

I have 2 floors in my home, and I think this is a great idea! [client]