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Welcome to the Third Trimester

I have written a lot about how I have done nothing for my third pregnancy, how stress free I have been, and that's the truth. Up until now I have been feeling free as a bird, no stress, and haven't even been thinking about what I need to do for this baby. I barely even thought much about baby names.

third trimester pregnancy

Sure, I jotted down a few baby items I wanted to get in a notepad, and I created a diaper storage solution in my bedroom and featured it in a blog post. But other than that I have done nothing. And I was proud of it. I was proud of my stress free state and barely thinking about my pregnancy much. I figured it was because this is the third baby and that's the way it goes.

But, all of a sudden I feel compelled to DO ALL THE THINGS NOW. My third trimester has started and it dawned on me that I better get some of my to do list accomplished before the exhaustion sets in and I become even larger and less mobile! I am not sure what happened but it kicked in..I may be nesting.

In the past week I have sold off almost two rooms of furniture and redone my dining room, touched up paint, reupholstered my living room window seat, cleaned and vacuumed much of the house, planned my daughter's 4th birthday party, gone through my son's baby clothes and donated them (sniff sniff) and donated some other random household items. And that is only the last few days..

I don't have a nursery to plan this time around so I believe I took out my nesting instinct on my dining room. And now I am making to do lists, and more to do lists, and starting to feel overwhelmed. I was so happy to be so stress free this pregnancy. What happened?!

So, I suppose it is time to start preparing. If not the third trimester than when right?

Here are a few of the baby prep items I do need to accomplish:

Buy a new Sakura Bloom ring sling and a new soft structure carrier. Since this is a spring/summer baby I need lighter weights and colors. I know this is a great item to have on my to do list, and I am looking forward to it.

Pull all of my daughter's baby clothes out of storage and wash them.

Pull my bassinet out of storage and wash it.

Go through my closet and somehow make room for this baby's stuff. Since she will not have a nursery she will be in our room and sharing my closet.

Create more diaper changing stations for the house. Actually buy some diapers.

Get a new swing and Rock 'n Play. I know the ones  I want. After two babies already I consider these MUST HAVE but I sold them.

Buy a few nursing bras.

Buy some postpartum supplies and pack a hospital bag. I think I will write a separate blog post about what I pack and need postpartum since I have this nailed down now.

Look into a breast pump and new bottle nipples. Yes, I breastfeed almost exclusively and love it, but I do pump occasionally and leave a bottle behind. My Ameda Purely Yours Ultra has been through two babies and still works, but I am wondering if it might be nice to get something new or how much life it has left. Since insurance covers breast pumps now I would love to find out what is covered for me.

And, if there is time or motivation left I might treat myself to some new nursing pajamas and tops.

There are several little items I didn't even list here, but in general this list is so much shorter than anything I had with either of my previous pregnancies. Both babies had their own nurseries from the start, they both had their own wardrobes, and there seemed to be much more to do.

So, my list is not that bad but I am feeling the need to GET IT ALL DONE NOW.. after having no sense of urgency at all up until this point. I guess I better get started haha..

I also realized that this is it, my last pregnancy for sure, and I should try to enjoy it before I wish it away. I am not looking forward to the aches and pains of the third trimester, but I think I should slow down and try to enjoy the process too.