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Why You Need a Sakura Bloom Ring Sling

Have you heard of Sakura Bloom Ring Slings? They are the most gorgeous and stylish ring slings you can find. When it comes to baby wearing there are many choices, but for the newborn phase a wrap or sling is a wonderful option. There are plenty of cheaper options for slings than Sakura Bloom but I really believe they are the best. Why? Well read on to find out why you need a Sakura Bloom ring sling.


I discovered baby wearing with my first baby and a Bjorn. I quickly moved on to a Boba wrap and an Ergo with her and really did not consider a sling at all. They did not look as comfortable and supportive to me as the others. But, once my son was born I reconsidered after a friend mentioned how easy it was to breastfeed in a sling. While I can breastfeed in all of my baby carriers I never found it that easy to get them on and off quickly.

Now that I had a toddler and a newborn I really wanted something that I could slip on and off in the house as quickly as possible. I love my boba wrap but sometimes you do not want to be stuck in your wrap all day. The amount of tying involved with a wrap means it stays on until I am done with it for awhile. Do you know what I mean? Plus, I wanted to breastfeed in it without feeling like I had to buckle or tie things afterwards. And this led me to the ring sling. I had heard of Sakura Bloom and after one look I was sold.

So what is a ring sling?

A ring sling is a long piece of fabric that you loop around your body and through the rings. The fabric is doubled through the rings so you can use it to adjust the sling as tightly as needed.


Sakura Bloom slings have a full range of options from affordable to pretty expensive. The current styles include classic which is one single layer of linen and chambray which is a double layer of linen. All of their silk slings have two layers of dupioni silk but come with the options of simple which is one color, or essential which is two colors. Special edition slings can run up to $500 but the classic starts around $98 putting it in the more affordable range. All of their slings are strong, durable, adjustable and come in one size.

Why do you need one?

Okay, disclaimer. You don't really need one but if you are in the market for a sling, Sakura Bloom is the way to go.


Of all the baby carriers out there a ring sling is very simple to use. It is one long piece of fabric with two rings. There is no tying or buckling. You simply slip it over your head and adjust. It may not seem intuitive the first time but with a little practice it is easy and probably the quickest baby carrier to get on and off.  A good reminder I read once was to think of it like a beauty pageant sash that you slip over your head. There are many youtube videos that will help you learn how to use it.

Ease of use and hands free convenience

This is my favorite feature of a ring sling. Since you do just slip it on and off you are not stuck wearing it all day or buckling and unbuckling. Hands free convenience is obvious since all baby carriers make you hands free. This is so helpful when tending to more than one child.

One size fits all

This is not true for all baby slings but the Sakura Bloom sling is one size and fits all. No need to buy different sizes for different family members. And while you will need to adjust it, the adjustment is simple and quick. Just simply tighten through the rings.


Ring slings are not always comfortable but Sakura Bloom slings spread very widely across your shoulder and back. This makes a huge difference in comfort. While the fabric is stretched over one side it should be away from your neck and spread widely to prevent pain. Spreading it widely on your back will also help prevent pain. For my newborn I found the ring sling as comfortable as wearing a wrap and was able to go for walks with it and wear it a long time.

Baby loves being worn

Baby wearing has many known benefits. Our babies love being worn and being close to us. While all baby carriers will fulfill this, some are more comfortable without a doubt. I can attest that the Sakura Bloom slings will put your baby to sleep in minutes in most cases. Just look at that sleeping baby in my pictures, that's my son 🙂

They can do double duty (or more)

Your sling can be used as a nursing cover, a blanket, a stroller cover, a changing pad and more. It's a big piece of fabric and can be used in any way you can think of using a long piece of fabric.

Very portable and lightweight

Since it's a long piece of fabric without buckles or clips; ring slings are very light weight to carry around and fold up small enough to tote along in your bag.

And speaking of lightweight - they are also a lightweight option for a baby carrier if you are concerned with being too warm. Baby wearing in general comes with a little body heat but this is one of the lighter more comfortable options available.


These are the most beautiful of baby carriers. And I do love baby carriers. I would collect many different kinds and colors if I had the funds. If I had to pick one on style and looks alone the Sakura Bloom slings are it. You can dress them up or down and they always look wonderful. Sometimes they just look like part of your outfit or a gorgeous scarf. They do not look bulky. You could absolutely wear a Sakura Bloom sling to a wedding and it would look like part of your outfit.

You can consider it an investment

Sakura Bloom ring slings maintain their value and can easily be sold. That's right, these slings can actually be sold for more than you paid. So they're kind of like an investment? There are many buy sell trade groups on Facebook for Sakura Bloom. If you have a discontinued colorway or a one of a kind style there is a good chance you may be able to sell it for more than you paid.



Any cons to a ring sling?

Well they are expensive. The most affordable option is the classic sling in linen.

I recommend starting here if you would like to try a Sakura Bloom without breaking the bank. Remember, you can always sell it (for possibly more than you paid) and upgrade later!

They may not be ideal if you are engaging in a strenuous activity such as hiking or long distance walks. My sling is very supportive and I have worn it for hours but I have never walked long distances with it or gone hiking. For those types of activities I prefer a soft structure carrier such as the Ergo.

If you are looking for a soft structure carrier and prefer the balance of having the straps on both sides a sling may not be for you.

They are great for a newborn or young toddler but may start to feel uncomfortable once your baby is an older toddler. Sakura Bloom recommends use till age 3 or 35 pounds. I know for my first child it felt hard to hold her in it at age two and above. Then again, many people find them wonderful for toddlers because of all the ups and downs of lifting a toddler.

They do have a learning curve to start. I will admit I had to watch a few videos and practice to get my sling on and adjusted. But once you get it down, it is easy to slip on and off.


If you are looking for a baby carrier and considering a ring sling Sakura Bloom is the way to go. It is one of the most comfortable slings due to the wide piece of fabric that can be spread along your shoulder and back. The strong and supportive fabric is easy to work with and the sling is easy to get on and off quickly.

The ability to get my baby carrier on quickly became a critical need for me once my second baby was born. This led me to Sakura Bloom. I can say without a doubt now, I wish I had discovered them when I had my first baby. They are the best and most beautiful slings!

Happy baby wearing and please let me know if you have any questions about this sling!










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Wednesday 23rd of September 2015

Love the review! I'm pregnant with my first baby and I'm thinking of getting a sakura bloom ringsling. Do you have any thoughts on silk versus linen? I found and amazing silk one that I really want but I worry it might be too hot and not breathable. And how do you take care o yours? Do you wash it often? Does that make it more stiff?


Wednesday 23rd of September 2015

Hi thanks for checking out my review! My first Sakura Bloom sling was a double linen and now I use a silk. I found the double linen hotter and heavier than the silk. I love silk!! I have not used a single linen though and they are supposed to be very lightweight and breathable too. I washed my double linen and it only made it softer but I have only spot cleaned my silk. I believe you can wash them though and other than fading the sheen eventually it will not hurt it. Good luck!


Monday 24th of August 2015

I have the same Sakura bloom as you show I. Your pics but I've found that the black side is bigger than the linen so it twists up in the rings a lot (it's also new and not broken in). Do you have any tips or is this a defective sling? Thanks!


Monday 24th of August 2015

Hi! I did not have that issue. I wonder if it is defective? Mine seemed to be the same length on both sides and it did not twist up. I did find the double linen took a bit of work to break in though. There is a group on facebook called Sakura Bloom Chit-Chat & B/S/T! that may be able to help you. If you can find the group and post a pic there maybe we can see if it's defective.


Wednesday 4th of March 2015

Thanks for the review! I love my Moby, but had recently considered going back to ring slings. How do you think this one vs a Moby would be in regards to weight on your back and neck?


Thursday 5th of March 2015

Hi Letetia,

I don't have the Moby but I have the Boba which is very similar. I think for a newborn up until about four months a moby or boba is great but then for me it starts to sag or feel heavy. The ring sling on the other hand feels supportive through toddler hood. But, it does distribute the weight differently. Although it is on one shoulder I spread the fabric out really wide across my shoulder and back so it still feels evenly distributed. Thanks for stopping by!

Ali @Little Miss Poof

Tuesday 3rd of March 2015

I have never heard of one of these. I have the Ergo and the Moby wrap. Love my Ergo, but the wrap is just a lot of work. Thank you so much for the great info! I can't wait to look into it more!


Wednesday 4th of March 2015

Hi Ali! I have the ergo and the boba which is very similar to the Moby. I do like the wrap too but getting it tied does take more time and then I feel like it is stuck on till I am done with it. I love how easy ring slings are for slipping on and off! Thanks for stopping by!