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Modern Day Parenting Mistakes That Should Be Avoided

I am happy to offer a guest post today from Layla Suarez. 

Modern-day parenting mistakes that should be avoided

Anyone can become a parent but we don't always know what we are doing, especially when just starting out. Just how many of us can say that we have complete control over our child’s behavior? Kids today throw tantrums over the smallest things, and that can be attributed to how parents react to the actions of their children. If you’re at a loss as to why your child misbehaves, here are some things that you might want to asses yourself.

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Giving in to them in order to have a quiet life

Whenever your child asks you to buy a bar of chocolate at the supermarket and throws tantrums when you say no, what do you do? Do you simply buy it so they stop whining? If you do this, they will never respect your authority. Parents have to be firm in saying no. If you easily give in, they will do this over and over again. Today, it might be chocolate that they’re asking. When they grow up to be teenagers, they’ll get mad at you, and might even tweet publicly that you’re a bad parent, for not giving them a new iPhone for Christmas. Be firm, and don’t give in. Remember that you’re the parent and not the child.

You do not tolerate other adults who discipline your child

When your kid is in school, try to respect the teacher’s authority. There are a lot of parents these days that, without question, defend their kids from others without knowing the situation first. If your child sees you as someone who’d protect them, even if they do bad things, they will grow up not knowing how to respect authority. Remember, a teacher needs to correct your children sometimes in order for him or her to teach them valuable life lessons. If you always interrupt discipline, even if the disciplinarian is on the right side, the child will never know what’s right from wrong.

You do not spend enough quality time with your children

It’s wrong to think that as long as you provide for your child, you’re doing the right thing. Spending time with your offspring is as important as providing for them. Think about the children who are suffering in countries because they have been separated from their parents due to political strife and war. Many charities aim to provide for kids who are suffering from separation from their parents, and those who haven’t even known their parents since they were small. You’re lucky to be in a situation whereby you live freely with your child, so don’t waste it. Parents must always be there to guide them and, as much as possible, don’t let others do it for you. Talk to them every day, even for just half an hour. Ask them how their day was, what they dream of doing when they grow up, who they like in school, and if there’s anything bothering them. The bond between a parent and child is key in raising great children.

About the Author - Layla Suarez:

While studying chemistry at university in Texas, Layla grew fond of writing. After her first child years later she began writing about parenting and has done so ever since. During her time away from her laptop, Layla enjoys playing the bass guitar and cooking for her children.