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Things That Will Happen in the Third Trimester

I did it! I have made it to third trimester. This is the home stretch of pregnancy!

It's going to fly by! Ha.. well actually it does kind of start to drag here at the end. Since this is my third time around, I am remembering some of the fun things that will happen in the third trimester and what I have to look forward to.

Things that will Happen in the Third Trimester!

Peeing your pants

Sorry, not going to sugar coat it. The time comes when our pregnant bladder becomes so squished, or tiny, or something, that laughing or coughing vigorously can cause a leak. I am getting over a horrible weeks long cough right now so yeah..

Not caring about picking up dropped items

I am already over it and it's only going to get worse. I have started using my tall broom and dust pan to dust up items I need from the floor. And, I have made it a game for my two kids to retrieve items for me. So, that's working for now.

Extreme nesting

I wrote about how stress free I have been this pregnancy. Then I wrote about how the third trimester has made me feel like maybe I should start preparing a bit. Now, it's hitting me. I need to get it ALL DONE NOW.

Extreme panicking

Okay, I have not panicked yet. At all really. But I know the time is coming when something is going to set me off. I will probably get into a ridiculous argument with my husband, and panic over something I have no control over, or is totally inconsequential anyway.

Waddling and general discomfort

Well this one is obvious. I am already starting to get the discomfort but I am not waddling yet. It's coming, oh yes it is.

Lightning crotch

Okay, if you have not dealt with this pregnancy delight or even know what I am talking about you are lucky. I was introduced to this pain during my first pregnancy. I think I was still in the later part of the 2nd trimester. My daughter dropped early and was extremely low which caused the pain. It's a feeling like your crotch is on fire and extreme shooting pain with every movement. This is also known as SPD. Luckily it came much later in my 2nd pregnancy and I have not had it at all this time.. yet. I am hopeful it holds off for good!

Back pain

Whether it is sciatic nerve pain, or lower back pressure from the extra weight, back pain and pregnancy kind of go together.

Carpal tunnel

This symptom surprised me the first time around. I had no idea that pregnancy could cause carpal tunnel but it does. Apparently it's related to swelling that presses on nerves. Waking up with numb, tingly, wrists that became sore as the day went on was common in my first pregnancy. The solution? Giving birth. Yes, that was the answer I received to most of my ailments from my doctors.

Lack of breath

As your baby and uterus grows everything shifts and you may start to feel out of breath. This is especially true in the third trimester when there seems to be little room left for anything. I am starting to feel winded walking up stairs, getting my kids dressed, getting my kids in the car. Pretty much everything makes me winded right now.

More doctors appointments than you know what to do with

Once you get to the appointment every two weeks, then every week point you start to lose track. It's great to be monitored but it's also tiring and consumes a lot of time. Now that I am AMA (advanced maternal age) the extra monitoring has started earlier.

Being told you look huge

Someone, somewhere, will ask when you are due and say you "look huge" or  that "you are about to pop." It's hard to come up with a good response so I usually glare and walk away.

Interrupted sleep

Supposedly your body is preparing you for the baby by causing many wake ups? Ha. Well in my case I spent the end of both of my previous pregnancies waking almost every hour. Usually from discomfort or needing to use the restroom. It's ridiculous and you may start to wonder how you will have enough energy for labor and birth with the lack of sleep.


Yes! It's coming! Ready or not you will give birth. So there's a light at the end of the tunnel and the baby is the prize.

Those last days drag by and you become anxious as your due date nears. You may start googling terms such as "what does a mucus plug look like" while hoping that every symptom is a sign of impending labor. It's kind of like early pregnancy when you are searching the internet hoping for a sign that you are pregnant.

Well meaning friends start giving you ideas to kick start labor, and most of the tips and tricks don't amount to much. We have wait until our sweet babies are ready to come meet us! Good luck!