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Stylish Maternity and Nursing Clothes From Figure 8 Maternity

I have already written more than one post about my love for Figure 8 Maternity and Nursing clothing. They are an online boutique of stylish maternity and nursing clothes.

Figure 8 Maternity and Nursing Stylish Clothes

I discovered Figure 8 during my second pregnancy and couldn't believe I had been missing out. They carry a large selection of stylish, nursing friendly tops which is something I have trouble finding in regular brick and mortar stores.

I am lucky that they have enjoyed working with me and recently sent me two more pieces to try out and review.

This time I received a nursing top and a nursing dress. Both of these work for maternity as well. In fact I tried them on and took photos at 30 weeks so I am pretty huge now! I can only imagine they will look even better once I am postpartum and using them for nursing only. That's the great thing about their clothes, most of them work for maternity and nursing.

The first item I tried out is the Reese Knit Draped Nursing Top. This is absolutely my style, I love gray, black and white and this shirt is kind of a mixture of all of those colors. The fabric is a soft cotton. It has a drape in the front that can be pulled back to access either breast easily for nursing. The drape can even work as a cover while nursing.

Here I am in the Reese Knit nursing top:

Figure8 Maternity

Figure8 Maternity

Here is a mannequin so you can see how it would look on when not 30 weeks pregnant:

Figure8 Maternity

The next item I tried is the Stella Woven Nursing Dress. This comes in the soft mint color I received and a peach color as well. It has a barely there chevron pattern.

This is a super spring/summer dress. I can't wait to use it once I am not pregnant. It fit me fine even at 30 weeks, but I have a feeling I will love the way it feels even more once I am a bit smaller.

I have never seen nursing access like this before but it's pretty smart. While it has a high neckline, there is a hidden vertical zipper, pull the zipper down and you can access either side for nursing easily. I love this idea!

It also comes with a belt which is nice for accentuating the bump. This dress is lined well, there is no showing of anything which is a nice feeling.

Here I am modeling the Stella nursing dress:

Figure8 Maternity

Figure8 Maternity

And here is the mannequin again so you can see how it looks when not so pregnant:

Figure8 Maternity

So, there you go, a couple more great pieces from Figure8 Maternity. I think it's a testament to their products that I have liked everything I have tried including pieces I didn't even pick out myself.

Check it out and please let me know if you have any questions about their products at all!