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Looking for the Best Nursing Bra?

One of  the undeniable truths of breastfeeding is that it's much easier with a good nursing bra. While you can get away with a regular bra, it is not that easy. Nursing tanks also work, but at some point you are going to want a really great bra that you can wear out of the house day in and day out, and feel good about yourself and your shape. While an opinion on the best nursing bra is subjective, I am going to share my two favorite nursing bras. And, after almost 3 years of combined breastfeeding I have tried A LOT of nursing bras!

I have already reviewed a few bras on my site, but there are others out there I have tried and have not mentioned since I did not love them. One thing I do love is a good sleep bra but I don't really have a favorite. In looking for a favorite nursing bra I am talking about the bra you can wear over and over again out of the house (not just for lounging and sleeping!)


So, actually it's two favorites because I want to give you options. My favorite non underwire and my favorite underwire. There are many reasons some women prefer not to wear underwire while nursing and it is generally not recommended when you are just getting started. I personally don't feel my best without that underwire support, and if the bra is well made it can be safe to use.

The best non underwire nursing bra:

The Bravado Bliss Nursing Bra


If I have to go without underwire I found this bra to be the most supportive and comfortable. As I said above I have tried many nursing bras, and this one was the best without underwire. It held me up, has a decent shape, has good support and it is comfortable. After 18 months it is still looking good in black and chai. I machine wash and it air dry and it has held up well.


  • Very soft washable fabric.
  • Fabric has a satiny finish.
  • Comfortable straps, band and cups.
  • Molded foam cups.
  • Low cut compared to seamless or sleep bras. Looks good under v neck shirts.
  • Very supportive. Almost as supportive as under wire.
  • Very easy to size.
  • Easy to unlatch and latch clips quickly for nursing.
  • Comes with a bra conversion kit to transform into regular bra.
  • Comes with a bra extender so you can use it for maternity and nursing.
  • Size gives a bit of leeway so you will only need one size for the different stages from pregnancy to nursing.
  • Supportive band with three hooks.
  • Very durable, is holding up great after many washes and wear.


  • My only con with this bra is that sometimes with all day wear I find the fabric can get sticky and hot. It does not seem that breathable even though it is very soft.
  • Some women find the shape and size of the cups a little stiff and odd. I did not notice this though and the bra does get much softer with wear.
  • Some report that they still feel this bra gives more of a uni-boob look than an under wire bra.
  • The styling on this bra is pretty bland. It only comes in chai (basically beige), ivory, and black. This seems to be a problem with most nursing bras though.

You can read my full review of this bra here. And, you can find it here at a discounted price!

The best underwire nursing bra:

The Bravado Allure Nursing Bra


This is definitely my favorite nursing bra I have found. I wear it daily and I still use it after 18 months of breastfeeding. It's still in really great shape too. I bought a few  in the lighter color and the only negative for me is that it looks kind of faded and not that attractive anymore. I would probably stock up in black if I was just starting to breastfeed now. I have tried several underwire nursing bras and while some were okay this is the ONLY one that I really loved and felt just as good in as a regular bra.


  • Soft washable fabric.
  • Breathable fabric.
  • Comfortable straps, band and cups.
  • Molded foam cups.
  • Cups seem to have a bit of give to accommodate fluctuating breast size.
  • Has lace detail on sides and in between cups. There is mesh inside of the lace so it not itchy or uncomfortable against skin.
  • Low cut compared to seamless or sleep bras. Looks good under v neck shirts.
  • Supportive underwire that does not pinch, dig, or push up.
  • Easy to unlatch and latch clips quickly for nursing.
  • Durable so far, is holding up well after many washes and wear.


  • One of the cons for me is that the cups seem a little big for the size I ordered. I believe this is done on purpose to allow for breast fluctuation but they can seem a little large.
  • Other reviewers believe the sizing seems to run small. I did not personally experience this but you may need to try a couple to get the sizing correct.
  • Still only comes in the pretty bland color range of chai, ivory and black. It would be nice if there were more color options!
  • Material is pretty thin on cups and bra. I did not find this to be an issue but some women are unhappy with the material.

You can read my full review of this bra here. And you can review of here at a discounted price!

So there it is. The best nursing bras, in my humble opinion! Obviously I haven't tried every bra out there, and I am sure there are some other great options, but these are my favs. I have tried many and used several other brands. It's really a coincidence that my two favs are Bravado. I did not seek out to give the accolades to one brand only, but these have worked the best for me. They also have a really great casual sleep type bra called the The Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra which you can read my full review of here.

Let me know in the comments, do you have a really great nursing bra that you love or do you hate them in general?



Friday 1st of April 2016

Buying a nursing bra is as confusing as choosing between different flavors of ice cream. Not only does the fit and comfort matter, but even the fact that it should be easy to open up when your baby demands her feed is equally important.


Wednesday 1st of July 2015

Very stylish and beautiful. They don't look like your typical nursing bras.


Wednesday 1st of July 2015

Thanks Adrienne! Yes, there are many others that are even cuter but they don't all work as well.