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A Book to Introduce the Idea of Weaning to a Toddler, "Mama, Who Drinks Milk Like Me?"

When we are breastfeeding our babies, it's all we can do in the beginning to get through the initial challenges and make it the first few weeks, then months, and if we are lucky years. My daughter weaned on her own because I was pregnant again, and my son is still nursing, so weaning is not something I have personally introduced to either of my children. Women have many reasons for weaning and many others choose to let the child wean when ready.

I have recently come across an adorable book,"Mama, Who Drinks Milk Like Me?" that gently introduces the idea of weaning to a toddler.

"Mama, Who Drinks Milk Like Me"

image courtesy of Melissa Panter

Melissa Panter, author and illustrator, was inspired to write "Mama, Who Drinks Milk Like Me?" after looking for a book to introduce the concept of eventually weaning from "mama's milk" to her toddler son.

As she points out on her website, there are many wonderful breastfeeding books about everything from extended nursing to night weaning, but she could not find exactly what she wanted. Her books focuses on weaning in relation to the mother and child's choice, and not based on societal pressure. She also wanted it to be supportive and helpful for anyone, no matter where they are in their breastfeeding journey.

After reading Melissa's story on her about page, I have to say she sounds very much like me. She was surprised by her new found passion for breastfeeding once she had her son, despite formerly keeping a bottle of formula on hand "just in case" while pregnant (I did the same thing!)

I really love her idea for this book. I downloaded the ebook version to check it out and I can only imagine how beautiful the paperback, hardcover and board book edition are with the colorful illustrations.

image courtesy of

image courtesy of Melissa Panter

The book is full of adorable animal pairs and introduces the idea that all animals eventually wean from their mama's milk. Since my son loves to look at books and is still breastfeeding, I will probably order a customized board book version for him. I think it would be a beautiful way to introduce the idea of weaning when he is ready, and a great sentimental way to remember our breastfeeding relationship.

Amazingly, Melissa is offering the ebook version of "Mama, Who Drinks Milk Like Me?" for a pay what you want price. That means you can get it for free if you choose. She really wants to make sure that all breastfeeding mothers have access to it to receive the support and encouragement needed.

The ebooks are available at:

It is also sold in a hardcover $22.99

A Paperback edition $10.99

And, a customizable board book edition is available for 32.99 + shipping/handling. All of these options can be found here.

If you are looking for a book to gently introduce the idea of weaning to your baby or toddler this is a wonderful and unique choice. The customizable board book would make a great baby shower gift for a mother who is planning to breastfeed. I am excited to share this adorable book with you and I hope you like it as much as I do!

Amy Greene

Thursday 25th of June 2015

What a fabulous resource! Thanks for sharing. I'm not anywhere near weaning (I hope!) but will keep this in mind. I love it when we can include children in the changes that are happening to them.