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Bravado Bliss Nursing Bra

Product: Bravado Bliss Nursing Bra
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My Rating: 9 out of 10


Product Features

The Bravado Bliss Nursing Bra by Bravado! Designs is a soft foam cup (non under wire) t-shirt nursing bra. This nursing bra's features include molded foam cups, a low neckline, satiny finish and great comfort and support. It comes with a bra extender so it can be used during pregnancy and nursing. It also comes with a bra conversion kit so you can transform it into a regular bra when you are done nursing. It currently comes in three colors of chai, ivory, and black.


My Thoughts

This is hands down my favorite nursing bra and I have tried a lot of them. I normally use under wire bras when I am not breastfeeding and while this bra is not under wire it has almost the same level of support. It is much more comfortable than my under wire nursing bras. It is really the perfect combination of support and comfort. My super soft seamless bras don't feel supportive enough after a day of wear out of the house and my under wire nursing bras can be a little uncomfortable after a long day. I find this bra to be a perfect compromise. I use this one for everything. I can use it for a day out of the house and it continues to support all day long. bravadobliss


  • Very soft washable fabric.
  • Fabric has a satiny finish.
  • Comfortable straps, band and cups.
  • Molded foam cups.
  • Low cut compared to seamless or sleep bras. Looks good under v neck shirts.
  • Very supportive. Almost as supportive as under wire.
  • Very easy to size. bravadoblisssizechart
  • Easy to unlatch and latch clips quickly for nursing.
  • Comes with a bra conversion kit to transform into regular bra.
  • Comes with a bra extender so you can use it for maternity and nursing.
  • Size gives a bit of leeway so you will only need one size for the different stages from pregnancy to nursing.
  • Supportive band with three hooks.
  • Very durable, is holding up great after many washes and wear.



  • My only con with this bra is that sometimes with all day wear I find the fabric can get sticky and hot. It does not seem that breathable even though it is very soft. I docked one point off my rating for this.
  • Some women find the shape and size of the cups a little stiff and odd. I did not notice this though and the bra does get much softer with wear.
  • Some report that they still feel this bra gives more of a uni-boob look than an under wire bra.
  • The styling on this bra is pretty bland. It only comes in chai (basically beige), ivory, and black. This seems to be a problem with most nursing bras though.

Conclusion chaibravadobliss

This is my favorite nursing bra out of the many I have tried. While I still prefer under wire for a true night on the town or all day event this bra is almost as supportive and definitely more comfortable. That means it gets the most use out of all my nursing bras. I think it's worth the buy and even worth getting a coupe of these!

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