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What's Needed After Giving Birth, Postpartum Care Kit for Moms

Since I am on my third baby I know exactly what I am going to need after birth for taking care of myself down there. Now, I have not had a caesarean section and that would be a different story I am sure. But, for a vaginal delivery I have the supplies down. I am sure some of these are used after a c-section as well.

Postpartum Care Kit

The first time I had a baby I didn't buy anything for the postpartum period except maxi pads. At least I knew I would need those. My hospital supplies almost everything else needed and allows you to take it home. I found I wanted double the supplies though to keep in each bathroom I was using. Nobody wants to tote hemorrhoid pads around their house right? So, I sent someone out to buy me doubles of everything. Now I know better and assemble a postpartum care kit ahead of time. I keep this one in my guest bathroom on our main level tucked behind the toilet (so guests don't see it). I also leave plenty of maxi pads in my bedroom bathroom and stock up everything I receive from the hospital there.

Since I am about 38 weeks pregnant I thought it was time to stock up.

What do you need for a postpartum care kit?

All of these supplies are simple and easy to find. The first item you will need are some maxi pads. I like these, but any regular to heavy flow pad will do.


Some type of spray for pain relief. I am trying this Earth Mama Angel Baby spray for the first time. The hospital will provide the Dermaplast pain reliever spray. I figure it's good to try something more natural but I will have the Dermaplast on hand in case too.


Witch hazel pads. You do not need to get this brand but it works for me. The combination of witch hazel followed by the pain relieving spray fixed me right up twice now.


A peri bottle otherwise known as perineal irrigation bottle. These were given to me by the hospital and I have a few laying around now. They are used after birth to rinse the area after using the restroom. They are so handy for many other uses as well.


These items compose my postpartum kit. As seen in this picture, I put everything in a basic storage box, I have had this one laying around forever, and stow in my guest bathroom out of sight.


You will need a few other items to make the postpartum recovery easier, this includes a sitz bath which should be provided wherever you give birth, warm and cold compresses, ice, and plenty of comfortable underwear and clothes. These are all items you already have at home other than the sitz bath.

Taking care of yourself down there isn't fun but it is critical after delivery. Please let me know if you have any questions at all or if I missed anything in your postpartum care kit!