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37 Weeks Pregnant

I hit 37 weeks pregnant this week. This used to be considered full term back in 2012 when I had my first baby, but now 39 weeks is considered full term. Either way, I feel done.. full, huge, ready to pop. Whatever you call it, I am almost done and I am ready.

It's hard knowing this is definitely my last pregnancy and I am at the point where I want it over. I am trying to enjoy the last weeks knowing it's the last time I will feel a baby moving inside me or experience any of this. But.. I AM SO UNCOMFORTABLE! That makes it hard to savor right?

What is 37 weeks pregnant like? Well, something changed in the last few weeks. I was feeling pretty great but something shifted. I don't feel great anymore. The aches and pains have set in. The lack of sleep has set in. The lightning crotch/SPD started a couple of weeks ago. My baby has moved lower and the incredible frequent urination is happening all day and night. I wake up at least 4 or more times a night. I am sore and have cramps. I am swelling. I cannot bend anymore. I can't eat normal amounts of food without reflux. You know, all the normal stuff happening in the last few weeks of pregnancy. I'm grateful I made it this far relatively comfortably. It's getting hard to keep up with my kids and which makes me feel guilty.

But, I am excited. While going into labor early is a fantasy many pregnant women entertain, part of me does want to make it to 40 weeks. My daughter has a recital the weekend of my due date and I am hoping the baby holds off so I can attend. Only my first baby can have the power to make me want this baby to hold off a bit. Otherwise I would say I want her out now!

I have the normal fears about labor and delivery, but on the other hand I've done this before and can handle whatever comes my way. I worry about juggling three kids and how I will get that down. I know it will work out but it's probably going to be hard for awhile. I also worry about tandem nursing. My son is still nursing once in the evening, and while I am open to tandem nursing the unknown about it freaks me out too.

Whatever my worries, I am so thrilled I will be holding a newborn baby soon.

I am starting to search for signs labor could be close. I have joked before about how when trying to conceive we search endlessly for signs we could be pregnant while waiting to test. Then in the final weeks of pregnancy we search for any sign the end of pregnancy could be near. They remind me of each other. I wasn't searching for 'signs' until this week. Maybe, I wasn't ready yet, or I knew it was too early. But, now I say bring it.. I hope all these contractions mean something is happening. Each time I use the restroom I wonder if I will see a mucus plug (TMI?!) So yeah, it's time.. Well maybe right after my daughter's recital.

37 Weeks Pregnant






Wednesday 11th of May 2016

Have a safe and smooth delivery, Jen. Don't forget to post your baby pics =)


Wednesday 11th of May 2016

Thank you! I am sure that's all I will be posting for awhile :)