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The Importance of Calcium During Pregnancy and Viactiv Calcium Soft Chews

“This is a product-provided, sponsored conversation that contains affiliate links. I received Viactiv products for my own personal use.  All opinions, text and experiences are my own. #BeActiv #ViactivBabyBump #ad”

A confession, I am horrible about getting the daily nutrients I need normally, so when pregnant and breastfeeding I need to step it up. I take a prenatal every day while pregnant, but I did not realize until recently that I may need to do more. I was not aware of my calcium needs during pregnancy until recently. How about you? I have also been nursing my son once a day throughout this entire pregnancy making it even more important to be aware of my needs.


A few facts about calcium during pregnancy

I have recently learned some calcium facts. While you do not need extra calcium when pregnant, you do need to make sure you are getting enough calcium to meet your daily requirements which is 1000 mg.

I didn't realize it but many multivitamins, prenatal vitamins, and mineral supplements provide only 20-30% of the recommended amount of calcium for women who are pregnant. I looked at my own prenatal vitamin and saw it right there, it was only providing 20% of my daily calcium needs. Apparently many OB's recommend supplementing with calcium to their pregnant patients, and believe a significant number of pregnant women do not get enough calcium.

Your growing baby needs calcium to build healthy teeth, bones, muscles, and heart. If you are not getting enough calcium then it will be taken from your bones which can increase your risk for osteoporosis.

Getting enough nutrients during pregnancy

In addition to calcium there are other nutrients needed during pregnancy

We know it's critical during pregnancy to make good nutrition choices which influence our baby's health and our health as well. Despite taking a prenatal every day I was not getting enough Iron during this pregnancy and was diagnosed as anemic. I am now taking an Iron supplement in addition to my prenatal.

Other nutrients needed besides calcium include Vitamin D, Folic Acid - which luckily is included in all prenatal vitamins, and Iodine which is required for brain development and growth.

A little reminder, make sure to always check with your OB or healthcare provider before taking supplements during pregnancy.

Viactiv Calcium Soft Chews

Knowing women need 1000 mg of calcium daily, and being aware that my prenatal did not cover it, I have been looking for a supplement for myself. When I was presented with the opportunity to try Viactiv Calcium Soft Chews I jumped on it after hearing they are the #1 doctor recommended calcium supplement chew.

One Viactiv Calcium Soft Chew has 500 mg of calcium and 500 IU of Vitamin D (I consider the Vitamin D a bonus for breastfeeding mothers). Taking it twice daily provides 100% of calcium for women plus vitamins D and K.

Calcium soft chews during pregnancy

I tried Viactiv soft chews in both caramel and milk chocolate and I love the taste. How wonderful is it to take something that tastes good, and get my daily calcium needs met instead of taking a huge pill twice daily? I am seriously taking enough pills between my prenatal and iron supplements. I look forward now to taking these daily based on the taste alone. I will definitely still be taking them once my pregnancy is over and I am breastfeeding around the clock.

The importance of calcium during pregnancy

Knowing now that calcium is not created by my body and I need to supplement, it is critical to me that I continue to get enough nutrients even beyond pregnancy. I have been breastfeeding for almost four years straight and I am sure this is something I have needed for a long time. Taking two Viactiv soft chews a day is a nice way to feel like I am doing something for myself. The fact that it tastes great makes it easy.

Calcium plays an important role for all women not only during pregnancy but beyond. Many Americans and especially women, do not receive enough calcium daily so here is a handy tool if you would like to see your calcium requirements by age and stage

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Alicia Martinez

Thursday 19th of May 2016

What about women over 35 years, do we need more calcium? Thanks,


Thursday 19th of May 2016

Hi Alicia,

This tool has a chart with guidelines by age! I am over 35 and it is recommended to get at least 1000mg a day.