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40 Weeks Pregnant

I did it, I made it almost to my due date. I am not sure if I will get quite there because I am writing this a few days ahead of time (update, I did). I can say now that my blog will be on a slight hiatus for the next month while I get to know my newborn. I did not line up guest bloggers, and I have struggled to line up many extra posts during these last few weeks of pregnancy. I will be sure to share adorable pictures and updates when I can and be back at blogging in about a month.

What is 40 weeks like? Uncomfortable, right moms? I am at the point where I don't care how sleepless the nights coming will be, I want the baby out. It's too bad in a way, I know this is my last pregnancy and I wish I could find a way to enjoy these last few days. But, I am in pain with SPD and the pain is distracting.

I know this is the last pregnancy for sure. The last time I will feel a baby move inside me, the last time I will have gone through the emotional rollercoaster of pregnancy. From the first moments when you see the two pink lines and analyze pregnancy tests. To the nausea and morning sickness (all day). To the scans and growth monitoring, finding out the sex of the baby, and dreaming about who this baby will be. The excitement of planning to add another person to the family. The fun of watching your belly grow larger and larger until it's horrifyingly huge and you are uncomfortable and miserable (right about where I am now). It's all almost over. And while it is bittersweet, I wish I could enjoy it more. I am afraid I will wake up one morning months from now and wonder why I wished the end of pregnancy away. But, I know I will be okay. I wasn't even sure I was going to have another baby. I thought I was done at two and already went through many of these emotions. That gives me a peace that I will handle it, and also a thankfulness that I did get to experience it all again one more time. I will always have my memories to guide me through when I think I might be missing it.

So, with that said.. come on out baby. We are ready to meet you!

39 weeks pregnant


Tuesday 24th of May 2016

Congratulations you are gorgeous.