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The Best Baby Carriers for Newborns

This post is sponsored by The Baby Cubby, all opinions and content are as always my own.

Oh, how I love baby wearing, and I especially love wearing a newborn. If you are not familiar with baby wearing it's exactly what it sounds like, wearing your baby on you. There are many benefits for mom and baby to baby wearing. For babies it helps regulate their temperature, helps them sleep, makes them feel comforted to be worn, and many other benefits. For us it gives us a way to move around and get things done, help our other children, run errands. You name it, baby wearing makes it easier.

I have never been able to live with only one carrier. While you definitely could only purchase one, I have been through many types between my three children and have my favorites. As, I said I love baby wearing the most when my babies are newborns since they are tiny and sleep so well during this time. Not all baby carriers are appropriate for a newborn so I wanted to share the best baby carriers for them.

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Below are my three of my favorite baby carriers for a newborn. I own and have used all of these.

Happy Baby Wrap

Happy Baby Wrap

Happy Baby Wrap

Soft thin fabric like a tee shirt

I have used wraps with all of my babies but only became familiar with the Happy Baby Wrap this past spring when I had my third. She was born in May so I wanted something lighter weight. It is made out of a bamboo and spandex material which makes it thin, lightweight, and comfortable for warm weather. It still has more than enough support for a newborn or even a little bigger baby. I love wraps during the newborn phase because they are soft, cozy, hold your baby tight and are not hard to pull down for breastfeeding. I also find spreading the fabric across your back is supportive.

The Happy Baby Wrap is light enough to feel a breeze through and it worked well for us the first few months of my baby's life. The only negative with wraps is that they are made of one long piece of fabric which needs to be tied. This can have a bit of a learning curve but once done a couple of times it becomes easier. With the Happy Baby Wrap being so light weight it is small enough to carry in a diaper bag despite being a long piece of fabric. The wrap comes with it's own carrying bag as well.

Here are some Happy Baby Wrap features from the manufacturer:

  • Lightweight and breathable – ideal for hot weather
  • Fully adjustable ensuring a perfect fit every time!
  • Ergonomically supports your baby up to 25 lbs
  • No buckles or rings that may break
  • Allows for discreet nursing
  • Upright position helps reduce colic/acid reflux
  • Luxuriously soft
  • 4 way stretch for ultimate comfort
  • Made in the USA

Sakura Bloom Ring Sling

Sakura Bloom Ring Sling

One of my silk Sakura Bloom slings

Baby Carriers for Newborns

Wearing my son in a linen Sakura Bloom sling

I have been using ring slings since my second baby. And, Sakura Bloom is my favorite. They are simple to use, stylish, and come in many colors and fabrics to compliment any outfit. A ring sling is one long piece of fabric that goes through two loops and is worn across one shoulder. Carry your baby on your front or even off to your hip once they are bigger. Sakura Bloom slings come in linen, flax, bamboo or silk depending on the sling. I love ring slings during the newborn stage and into toddlerhood. They are probably the easiest baby carrier for me to get on and off quickly, and I have no problem wearing a newborn in one for hours. Once my babies are bigger I prefer something more structured for longer periods of time though but they work great for quick ups and downs with toddlers. Not having any buckles to deal with or anything to tie makes them quick to use. My Sakura Bloom slings are gorgeous and have held up wonderfully over the years through use and washing. They also have a great resell market once you are doing baby wearing.

Here are more features of Sakura Bloom Ring Slings:

  • Newborn - 35lbs
  • Multiple ways to carry
  • Thermo-regulating
  • Self-wicking
  • Easy on/off, just cinch and go!
  • Promotes bonding
  • Mimics natural in-arms carrying position
  • Becomes softer and stronger over time
  • Made in the USA

ErgoBaby Adapt 3 Position Carrier

ErgoBaby Adapt Baby Carrier

My baby is a little over two months here and has a perfect, snug fit with no infant insert

Ergobaby Adapt Carrier

I have been using ErgoBaby carriers since my first baby was born and I love them. The ErgoBaby Original and the ErgoBaby Adapt are soft structure carriers which means they have buckles and straps as opposed to the one long piece of fabric in a wrap or sling. This means less fabric to work with but more areas to adjust.

The adapt did not come out until right before my third was born and I scooped it up. I was excited to have a carrier without an infant insert. Most soft structure carriers require an insert until babies are a bit bigger, around 14 pounds or so, but not the adapt. It is made to adjust for the size of your baby from newborn to toddler ranging 7-45 pounds. And, while I do love having a ring sling and wrap for a newborn, a soft structure carrier is the type I use the most longterm since it goes up to 45 pounds. I also feel they are a bit more secure for activities like grocery shopping or hiking where I may be physically moving a lot. If you only wanted to buy one carrier ever I could recommend the ErgoBaby Adapt since it works for a newborn too. This carrier can easily be adjusted all over and also has back lumber support on the waist belt. I have the Adapt in grey and used it all the time with my baby during her first few months and still do now. It comes in grey, black, and a few shades of blue.

More features of the ErgoBaby Adapt Carrier:

  • No infant insert needed
  • 3 ergonomic carry positions: front-inward, hip, and back
  • Adjustable bucket seat easily grows with your child
  • Ensures baby is seated in a natural “M shape” position at every stage
  • Padded shoulder straps and lumbar support waist belt provide support for long-wearing comfort
  • Cushioned and foldable head and neck support
  • Tuck-away baby hood for sun protection and privacy
  • Can breastfeed in carrier

There you have my three favorite baby carriers for a newborn. They all have wonderful features and each one can stand on it's own but of course I have all three. You can find all of these as well as many other baby items at The Baby Cubby.

Read on to find out what makes The Baby Cubby different and please let me know if you have any questions about these carriers at all.

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