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Preparing for Your Baby's First Photo Session – 10 Great Tips

I am happy to offer a guest post today from Anne and Ronny Berg with Creek Street Photography.

Baby, oh, Baby! Use these tips from a professional photographer to ensure your newborn’s photoshoot is as smooth as …, you know the rest!

Preparing for Your Baby's First Photo Session – 10 Great Tips

Make the appointment – early

How early? Anytime during the second trimester is good. Then, when baby arrives, share the good news with the photographer and fix an exact date. Most photographers prefer day 4 – 10 to catch babies at their newborn best.

Let the light in

Soft natural light adds freshness to a photo. That’s why your photographer will likely set the session for mid-morning to early afternoon. So, open the windows and let the sunshine in!

Keep the house warm

Newborns are most often photographed naked, so keeping them warm to maintain their body temperature is a priority. Plus, a cozy and comfy baby is less likely to be fussy during the session.

Preparing for Your Baby's First Photo Session – 10 Great Tips

Think props

Your professional photographer will likely bring along some props. If there are specific props you’d like to use (a family heirloom or sentimental hand-me-down blanket, for instance) let your photographer know beforehand, as it helps with planning the shots.

Ensure baby’s tummy is full

A full tummy = a happy (and sleepy) newborn! Feed your baby just before the photographer arrives and be ready for top ups during the session, if need be.

Think “birthday suit” best

Nothing compares to a newborn’s soft skin. That softness, however, means markings from baby’s nappy will be glaringly obvious. Reduce them by loosening your baby’s nappy before the session begins.

Arrange a sitter for siblings

Sibling and newborn photos are among the cutest. Young children, however, can be a distraction otherwise. Arrange for a friend or family member to take them (perhaps, out for a treat) once their photos are taken.

Spruce yourself up a bit, too

Caring for a newborn can be hectic. Use preparation for the photos as an opportunity to focus on yourself a bit – go get your hair washed or do your nails. No guilt now – you’re just trying to look your best for baby’s first photoshoot!

Share what you know

Nobody knows your newborn like you do. Don’t be afraid to let your photographer in on any little cute quirks or habits your baby has already developed which might up the “Ah!” factor of the photos.

Be patient

You can expect the photo session to last anywhere from 2 to 4 hours – your baby dictates the actual length. Be prepared for nappy changes, blanket changes, feeding, cuddle time and anything else baby might need to relax and be comfortable.

Preparing for Your Baby's First Photo Session – 10 Great Tips