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Is Boppy Still The Best Nursing Pillow?

This post has been updated for 2019. I originally wrote this in 2014. Since then I have had another baby making me a mom to three. My original Boppy pillow has lasted through all three of my babies and still is in great shape!

Is Boppy Pillow the best nursing pillow

Boppy now calls their pillow the Boppy® Classic Feeding and Infant Support Pillow, and recommends it for more than just nursing:

  • Original, award winning Boppy Nursing Pillow with breathable slipcover
  • Comfortably bond with your baby while breastfeeding or bottle feeding - providing relief for arms and back by lifting baby to a more ergonomic position
  • Pillow and removable slipcover are machine washable
  • Versatile use for breastfeeding, bottle feeding, propping, tummy time and sitting
  • We love curves, Miracle Middle stretch panel designed to fit most waists
  • Cottony cute removable slipcover zips on and off easily
  • Both nursing pillow and Boppy pillow cover are machine washable because little messes happen

I believe this is a change from when I originally wrote this post and it was called only a nursing pillow. But the truth is the pillow is so versatile moms have been using it for all of these uses for years.

So, is Boppy the best nursing pillow? With so many options now compared to even back when I had my first baby, I was curious! I have tried several brands of pillows and they all have their pros and cons. The Boppy original pillow remains one of my favorites and the pillow I used the most with all three of my babies.

While you may not officially need a nursing pillow to breastfeed your baby, having a nursing pillow made breastfeeding much easier for me. I received my first Boppy nursing pillow when I was pregnant with my daughter and it got tons of use. That pillow was a standard fixture wherever my baby and I were, and I carried it around from room to room and up to bed with us for months.

Is Boppy Pillow the best nursing pillow

Boppy does also have a newer product (compared to when I had my first baby) called the Boppy® Best Latch™ Breastfeeding Pillow:

I was able to review this pillow with my third baby.

You can check out my review here if you are interested in this pillow!

Boppy® Best Latch™ Breastfeeding Pillow

Boppy® Best Latch™ Breastfeeding Pillow

While I did love this pillow too for breastfeeding, I found the original Boppy pillow more versatile and longer lasting if you only want to purchase one. For breastfeeding a newborn, the Best Latch pillow is definitely great support. I found it a little harder to use once my baby was bigger.


Boppy can be purchased bare naked with covers bought separately, or you can buy one with a cover already included. I had multiple covers since I used the pillow for multiple babies and I loved the lux covers personally.

Boppy makes tons of covers in all kinds of cute patterns, colors, and materials so you will definitely find something to match your nursery, decor, or whatever you prefer.


It’s great. It is very soft and gives a good bit of prop to your baby. It sits just around your waist and you lay baby across it. I also like to stick another pillow under the corner of the Boppy holding my baby’s head when they are very young and small. This way you can truly be hands free. I

n the newborn days I used my pillow all the time even in bed for middle of the night feedings. Once my babies got a little bigger I still used it on the couch and nursery gliders.


I have used it for all of my babies while typing at a desk. I once read a trick about putting a regular pillow on your lap and then putting the Boppy on top of it. That way your baby is hoisted up to desk level and you can type while they nurse and fall asleep on the Boppy. I worked strange hours in IT when my first two children were little and sometimes I had to nurse them while I was at my desk working.

Both of my babies spent hours in the evening cluster feeding on my lap on the Boppy while I watched TV. I also ate dinner many nights on the couch with my baby on top of the Boppy and nursing. This takes a little practice but is very doable once you get the hang of it 

Once your baby is sitting or laying on the ground you can put it behind them for a little support and use it for tummy time.


The Boppy pillow is well worth the purchase and it probably is one of the best, if the not the best, nursing pillows I have ever used. I am sure having a supportive nursing pillow contributed to my breastfeeding success by allowing me to do all the things I mentioned above, and giving me hands free support.

I used my original Boppy for three babies over many years. There hasn’t been any wear to it despite almost constant use and that’s pretty impressive. Please let me know if you have any questions about Boppy nursing pillows at all!

Find the original Boppy Pillow on Amazon for the bare naked pillow (cover sold separately). 

Or you can find the Boppy Pillow with the cover already included here.

There are so many stylish cover options you may want to check them all out! 


Saturday 9th of August 2014

A very good article. I like how you share your personal uses for the Boppy pillow, giving ideas to new moms. As a mom of 3, I have used the Bobby pillow with all 3 for nursing. I especially was appreciative of this pillow after my c-sections because it protected my very sensitive incision area while nursing. It is a must have for all new moms!


Saturday 9th of August 2014

Thanks Kirsten, definitely a must for new moms!