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Birth of Baby Number Three

Now that my baby is one month old I have been reflecting on my baby's birth and our time in the hospital. I don't use my children's names on my blog so she is only going to be mentioned as baby number three here.

Our birth story is pretty simple. Unlike my first labor where my water broke and I was in labor for 13 plus hours, my second and third were mostly quick and easy. My son was born only a couple of hours after arriving at the hospital, and I was hoping maybe we could beat that record ha. Nope, baby number three took a little longer. My labor was mostly smooth until I got an epidural. As much as I was hoping to avoid one and go all natural it did not happen. Once I received the epi I had extremely low blood pressure which made me feel weird and panicky. It took the medical staff about two hours to straighten it out and I was disappointed believing my labor was stalled and was going to be a long one. Luckily once that issue was taken care I progressed quickly to my surprise and my baby was out with one push.

I have to say, reflecting on my three births at the same hospital I am impressed with the changes made in the last four years. When my daughter was born in 2012 she was taken away and wrapped up right after birth. I did not nurse her for hours and didn't realize I should. With my son it was a bit different but they still wrapped him up and took him from me immediately. I was able to nurse him shortly after birth. This time around they implemented skin to skin right away. They placed her on my chest and let me have the time I needed. I was able to nurse before she was cleaned at all or wrapped in a blanket. This is a huge change and I mentioned how happy I was about it to anyone listening. My nurse who had been with me throughout labor, let me know she was also a lactation consultant and had been pushing for these changes for years. She told me she was happy I noticed. It's great to see my local hospital working towards baby friendly designation.

My time in the hospital was short and went well. There was a bit of a jaundice concern and they mentioned putting my baby under lights. Turns out she was fine though and we did not have to do it. I was thrilled with our new family member and took the time to rest and enjoy her since life at home with my kids is hectic. I practically did not put her down at all while we there, and I definitely did not send her to the nursery. My husband went home part of the time to help with the kids and I enjoyed our one on one bonding time. Going home is the best though..

Here are a few pictures:

Right after birth before I even nursed her, having skin to skin time.


In her going home outfit.


In this shot it was almost time to leave the hospital. I am wearing nursing pajamas from Figure8 Maternity. I mentioned these in my what to pack in your hospital bag post.


Another going home outfit picture. My daughter helped pick this outfit out with me months earlier.


Taken before we pack up to leave. Wearing my Figure8 Maternity nursing pajamas. I love this set which also includes a matching gown for the baby.


Getting ready to take the first car ride home.

Going home from hospital

It's been going pretty smoothly since we have been home. You can read more about it here and I am sure I will be documenting many more steps along the way.