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Virginia Breastfeeding License Plate 2016

I have written previously about trying to bring a breastfeeding license plate to the state of Virginia. Being my home state and a breastfeeding advocate of course I was interested. The previous attempt did not get enough applicants but this year we are trying again here in the state of Virginia. There is now a website dedicated to the process of getting this plate, Since it is World Breastfeeding Week 2016 there is a big push this week to bring awareness to the license plate attempt.


From the Virginia Breastfeeding Plate website:

Bring A Breastfeeding License Plate To Virginia!

Help to support Virginia babies and families by sporting a breastfeeding license plate on your car!  What better way to normalize breastfeeding culture in Virginia than to meet people where they are in their day, parking lots and traffic jams.

Virginia breastfeeding organizations are working together this year to collect the 450 signed applications and checks (no extra charge) for a new "Building Bonds for Life" breastfeeding license plate, featuring the international logo for breastfeeding. Please visit the website, where you can find easy instructions to secure your plate, as well as a flyer to download and share with your friends, family and work colleagues. Virginia families will thank you for generations to come!

Virginia Breastfeeding License Plate