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Virginia Breastfeeding License Plate

I wrote awhile ago about how the Virginia Breastfeeding Task Force was working to get a breastfeeding themed specialty license plate in the state of Virginia. As a Virginia native I know we have a ton of specialty plate options. It just seems to be something we are known for! I was very excited to read about this possible addition.

If created, the plate would feature the words "Building Bonds for Life" as well as the international breastfeeding symbol.

Plate must pass approval by general assembly

In order to even create the plate the Virginia General Assembly must approve it. There is now a sponsoring legislator who will bring it to the general assembly if the Virginia Breastfeeding Task Force can get 450 paid plate applicants by December 5th.

Since I am happy to support breastfeeding advocacy I just got my application in before the deadline. I wish I had seen that they were accepting paid applications a little sooner but better late than never.


Hopeful Virginia Breastfeeding License Plate

If anyone reading in Virginia is interested in supporting this you can find the instructions and application at the Virginia Breastfeeding Task Force website here.

It could take a year to find out if this works out but I sure hope it does!