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The Best Lactation Cookies, and They're Healthy too!

I can't believe it but after 8 plus years of consistent breastfeeding I am done! My last baby/toddler weaned awhile ago, and I haven't had to think about my milk supply in long time.

But there was a time when milk supply was something I thought about all the time.

Like many breastfeeding moms I wondered if my babies were getting enough milk, if I was pumping enough milk, and felt like anything to help increase my milk supply was welcome.

Back when I had my first baby and I was pumping to build a freezer stash, I hadn't even heard of lactation cookies.

Healthy lactation cookies

Flash forward a few years and now I have discovered the best lactation cookies, and they make such a perfect and healthy breastfeeding snack.

I have recently become an affiliate for Bessie's Best Lactation Cookies because I love them that much.

And while I am not breastfeeding anymore, I am eating them as a snack because they just make a well rounded snack for busy moms, and they taste that good!

Best lactation cookies

Here is a little more info about Bessie's lactation cookies:

Bessie's was founded by a mom of three who suffered with low milk supply (of course)

They have the best taste of any lactation cookie I have personally tried. And according to the tons of reviews on their site, they give results to breastfeeding moms.

They do not contain Fenugreek. While many milk boosters do, Bessies chooses not to include this ingredient since it can cause unpleasant side effects.

Bessies uses alternatives to fenugreek such as brewer’s yeast, flax seeds, and oatmeal instead.

Bessie's offers lactation cookies, granola, pumpkin bread, and BlockBusters.

BlockBusters are another type of cookie which are known for “Busting Blockages” with the help of the active ingredient soy lecithin which allows the milk to flow smoothly.

Bessie's make a great breakfast because they have plenty of protein and healthy ingredients.

If you are looking for vegan or dairy free lactation cookies Bessie's can make those by request. In addition their lactation granola is already vegan.

These cookies last about three weeks on the shelf, and some of their products can be frozen to make bulk ordering easy.

Vegan and dairy free lactation cookies

How do lactation cookies work and do they really help increase milk supply?

Lactation cookies are made with ingredients such as flax seeds, brewer’s yeast, or rolled oats that are believed to improve milk supply

They usually only take one or two days to work.

Best lactation snacks to buy

Are lactation cookies safe?

Yes they are totally safe to eat, and can be shared with the rest of the family. They are safe to eat while pregnant too.

These cookies are made with simple and natural ingredients. In fact they are probably healthier than most processed cookies we tend to buy.

Where to buy Bessie's Lactation cookies

You can find them right here on Bessie's website.

low milk supply cookies

They also have some shop locations where you can buy them in person. These are listed on their website.

If you are located near me in Northern Virginia, they are close by at Inova Loudoun Hospital Lactation Center and Boutique in Leesburg, Va.

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