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One Year Blogiversary!

I am a little late but last week my blog turned one year old! Yes, I have been blogging a year! I can't believe it. Time flies you know.

I didn't even know blog anniversaries were a thing but apparently they are. I wish I was doing something exciting like hosting a giveaway but I am not. I was also hoping to do a nice long post talking about everything I have learned while blogging this past year but life has gotten in the way. I have been sick, my kids appear to be getting sick, and we are packing up for a camping trip. So instead this will be a nice short post about my blog's growth over the last year! I figured after a pretty consistent year I will take a few days break.


I kind of stumbled into blogging, you can read more about it here. I have been so lucky to discover how much I love it. I love connecting with other breastfeeding moms and parents all over the internet. I love writing and it has opened doors for me.

I started my blog in August 2014 after a couple of life changes. I spent the first 3-4 months writing posts that hardly anyone was reading. Eventually I started to get a little love in the google ranking department and the visitors started to come.

Around this time (December by now) I realized just how important social networking is for blogging! Before then I would share my posts but I did not interact with other bloggers much. Well let me tell you, other bloggers are key! I love discovering many great writers and reading other blogs. Connecting and sharing our work is one of my favorite aspects of blogging now. You definitely need to give feedback to get it. All of my fellow bloggers know what I mean!

As my audience grew, I decided to pursue publishing outside of my blog. Around this time I reached my goal of getting a post accepted on The Huffington Post. That was wonderful and I am now a contributor there occasionally.

Summer has brought my highest page views yet. I hope it can continue to grow. As I reach my goals and make new ones, a HUGE to thank you all my readers, fellow bloggers for helping me, and anyone else who has made it this far. I can't wait to continue writing for breastfeeding mothers and parents everywhere. I read recently that beginning breastfeeding is the second largest concern of mothers after recovering from labor and birth. These are the women I hope to reach and help.

Yay, here's to the next year!