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Blogging about Blogging

Yep.. I am going there, blogging about blogging. I have had a few readers reach out to me in the last few months and ask me how I started my blog, why I started my blog, and how to make a blog successful. I am extremely flattered that there are people contacting me and asking me how to start a blog and who consider me successful! I am nowhere near where I want to be in terms of success; I want to reach more people, I want more breastfeeding mothers to be able to find me, I want my writing to be published in more places and of course I would love for this to also be a small source of income for my family if possible. I am a stay at home parent and we have had to make a lot of sacrifices to make that work for us.


How did I get started blogging?

I have always wanted to create a website or blog for many years. IT was my career for the last 15+ years and I have always had an interest in the behind the scenes aspect of the web and how it all works. It was that interest that led me to pursue a career in IT. And, I did have a great career that I enjoyed. My most recent position was with a web hosting company where I helped people with their websites and their web hosting. I enjoyed my job and fully intended to go back to work full time when my first baby, my daughter, was born. I had a daycare picked out and a deposit down. I had 8 weeks of maternity leave (which was not enough) and as those 8 weeks came to an end I really panicked. There was no way I was ready to put my baby in daycare and spend so little time with her. After discussing it with my husband we figured out that I might be able to leave my job, but I wasn't really ready to hang it all up yet, so after discussing it with my company I proposed a part time schedule and they went for it. I was shocked they accepted my idea, but it was really great for me. I got to take care of my daughter and still work.

Flash forward to my 2nd baby. I had been doing the PT gig for a couple of years and then my company was acquired and they laid a few people off. I was one of them. I understood it, I was part time and it was a completely new company.IMG_7040

Suddenly I was a stay at home mom and this is what led me to start my blog. While it was something I always wanted to do, I never had the mental space to add another thing to my life. Caring for two kids under 2 and working and maintaining a home was about all I could handle. I wanted to start a blog but I never could get started.

One night in the week after my job loss, I was researching starting a blog and stumbled upon a website to help you do just that. While there are many many wonderful blogging resources and ways to get started, this one worked for me at the time.

Since then I have found a new calling. I love to write, I love blogging and the more I learn the more I realize that this is a never ending adventure. There is so much to learn about blogging from keyword research and SEO, to social media tricks and tips, HTML and writing code, and of course networking! I have to admit that the technical geek side of me LOVES it!

Why did I decide to write about breastfeeding?

When I started my blog I didn't really understand all the different niches out there and whether to label myself a mom blog, a home blog, a parenting blog or a lifestyle blog. I wanted to start something that I knew would help parents and breastfeeding is something I am passionate about. Sure, there are wonderful breastfeeding resources out on the web but I wanted to give the perspective of a mother going through it. I never knew before becoming a parent that I would love breastfeeding so much or that it would become such a part of my identity while raising my babies. I really didn't think about it before becoming a parent, and those are the women I want to reach. The ones like me, who are up scouring the internet for info on how to survive cluster feeding at 3 AM, in tears with a hungry six week old on their lap. I was that mom in my first weeks breastfeeding.

There are so many mom blogs and I wanted to narrow that down to something a little more specific. The funny thing though is that the more I write, the more subjects I want to write about, so although breastfeeding is the main focus of my site all things parenting are going to be covered here.


Why am I writing all this?

Well, like I said there have been readers who have reached out to me asking about my blog. I am very flattered and wanted to share a little about myself and how I got started. My blog is still young, less than a year old, and I do feel I have achieved a level of success with it I wasn't expecting. I have joined some wonderful networking groups that have helped me a ton, and I will discuss those more in the future as well. Getting published on Huffington Post and having my work featured in other places has been wonderful and I continue to push myself to achieve more. I have high hopes and expectations for my blog. So I thought I would start a little part of my site where I write about blogging related subjects. Whether that is the technical aspects that I enjoy, or more general blogging info, I would love to share this with my readers as well. Bloggers love to help other bloggers, I have had a lot of help and I want to pay that forward, so stayed tuned for more coming soon!

*Update - after a couple of years I have moved on from my original hosting and now use Studio Press Sites. They are currently running a promotion with Free Migration for StudioPress Sites.

I have also started another blog if you would like to check it out!




randi c

Tuesday 5th of May 2015

haha, I've made a couple posts about writing/blogging so far, but they are more focused on what NOT to do. Because I did all of them. That said, writing is so freeing. I really enjoy it. Last week I promised myself to stop looking at my analytics and I'm much more in tune with the creative process because of it.

I also feel you on the multiple categories topic. I feel a little all over the place sometimes!


Tuesday 5th of May 2015

Hi Randi,

It's hard to stop looking at analytics, that's for sure! I will have to check out your posts on what NOT to do because I am sure I am doing all of them ha.

April Rutherford

Monday 4th of May 2015

I just started blogging a few months ago and it is so fun. I love the connections I'm making with other bloggers, like a whole new world. Congrats on your success!


Monday 4th of May 2015

Thanks April! There is so much to learn, it is never ending. But, networking is huge and really helpful. I love all the blogger friends I have met!


Monday 4th of May 2015

"Mental Space" is right! I love to write and a blog is something I never thought I could do..until I did it. Boom!! LOTS of time and effort but I love it.


Monday 4th of May 2015

Hi Sara, It is a lot more time intensive then you would think but so worth it!


Monday 4th of May 2015

Great post, well done! I always find it interesting to hear about how and why others started their blogs. It's good to hear that yours has been so successful, congrats!


Monday 4th of May 2015

Thank you Kathy! It's always interesting to hear about how people get started and why.

Andréa Jones

Monday 4th of May 2015

What a great and inspirational post! I hope this inspires others to get out there and blog about something :)


Monday 4th of May 2015

Thanks Andrea! Blogging is great isn't it? I just checked out your site and love it!