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Nursing Infinity Scarf Reviews

While I do not typically cover myself up while nursing, and certainly do not believe moms need to be covered at all, there are times I might want a little something to wrap around my baby. When my baby was an especially distracted nurser, or when flying on an airplane for example. In those situations I usually throw a light weight blanket over us, but sometimes I might want something more stylish. The great thing about nursing infinity scarves is that they can be a fashionable part of your outfit and one less item to carry in your diaper bag since you wear it.


I'm not even sure if nursing scarves existed when I had my first baby. I used the typical old style nursing cover when I was a new mom and before I was comfortable breastfeeding without it. When I was pregnant the second time around I came across an infinity nursing scarf. I was so excited to buy something that would look great and serve multiple functions. Well, the one I bought doesn't seem to exist anymore, but I checked out some newer versions and decided to write up my take on them.

Itzy Ritzy Nursing Happens Infinity Scarf

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I really like this scarf. It is a simple infinity design without any snaps or extras to work with. It just wraps around your neck and then you can expand the fabric to use it as a nursing cover. It comes in plenty of colors and patterns and is very stylish looking.

When I checked this one out I saw the grey and white chevron print, and the light turquoise blue with stripes. The only thing I found odd was that they are both described as being made out of 50% cotton and 50% polyester, but the blue scarf was much lighter and softer. It was not sheer, but it was an extremely lightweight fabric and very soft. The chevron scarf felt heavier and thicker and was not as soft. I still think it would be fine and would soften up with washing but they definitely seemed different. I could not find anything on the packaging to differentiate them so I found that kind of strange. I personally picked up the blue one because I loved how soft and light it was, but the heavier one might be nice in the fall and winter. Just something to think about. If you look at the pictures of them on Amazon, I believe all of the chevron styles are the thicker, heavier style and the stripes and other patterns are the lighter material.

Nuroo Nursing Scarf

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I really love this one. It is not as simple as the other infinity scarves because it does have snaps but this allows a little more versatility I think. It is stylish and works great as a scarf and cover. I found the fabric lightweight while offering full coverage and very soft. I love the looks of this scarf. It is functional and looks great on! It's made out of 90% Polyester and 10% Spandex. I was surprised it was not cotton because it felt so soft. This one costs a little more than the others but I think it's worth it.

Hold Me Close Nursing Scarf

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I haven't actually tried this one, but when I heard of it and checked it out I was wowed by all the different styles and colors available. I think the Hold Me Close nursing scarf has the most options for different style choices. This is also a simple infinity scarf just like the Itzy Ritzy one. It does not have snaps like the Nuroo. The fabric is 50% cotton and 50% polyester and very soft. Like all of the other scarfs mentioned here it provides full coverage when needed but also works as just a stylish scarf.

Born Free Nursing Scarf

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Sadly, if there is one nursing scarf I do not recommend it is the Born Free one. It only comes in one color, black and it is huge! The fabric did not feel very soft to me either. I do like the Born Free brand for other baby items so I was disappointed. There are definitely better nursing scarf options out there. Now some women have said it's good for pumping in an office environment. If you are not worried about style or covering your baby in a huge black tent, then this one might be good just for pumping since it is a little cheaper than the other options.


A nursing infinity scarf is a great option if you like to have a breastfeeding cover with you. It is usable in more ways than one and since you wear it there is nothing extra to carry in your diaper bag. Besides using it as a nursing cover, they are fashionable and can even be used as a blanket for your baby while out. My first experience with a nursing scarf was a plain grey one, and while it worked great there are so many more stylish colors and patterns now. I really love this product and think it would make a great baby shower gift too.

Have you used a nursing scarf before? Please let me know if there is a great one I have missed. Thanks!