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My Review of Simple Wishes Hands Free Bra

Product: Simple Wishes Hands Free Bra

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Guarantee: 1 year limited warranty

My Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Product Features

Simple Wishes Hands Free Bra is a bustier style bra that can hold your breast pump flanges securely so you can be hands free while pumping. The bra is made out of 83-percent soft cotton and 17-percent spandex and it is adjustable. It comes in two sizes which are very adjustable and can accommodate a wide range of sizes. It also has a four way layering system to keep everything supported and maintain a tight seal.

My Thoughts

I have this bra and I think it's great. I was a little confused about the sizing when I ordered it so I have included a picture of their size chart. They only come in a couple of sizes but the bra is highly expandable so it works out. This means it can change as you grow or lose weight as well. The bra comes with straps and a zipper section that can zip in the front to make the front wider. The back is 10 inches of adjustable Velcro. This is what makes the sizing so adaptable, you can pull the Velcro as tight or as wide as you need it. I never used the zipper insert or the straps. It worked great just putting it on and attaching the Velcro.  I did find all the pieces a little confusing when I first received it but once I got the hang of putting it on, it's a piece of cake!


This bra is definitely a need if you are pumping regularly. Trying to hold up your milk collection bottles and pump is a pain. This bra holds them for you so you can pretty much do anything else you want. I can read or look at a magazine or even move around and take care of my baby while pumping (dragging the pump with me). It holds the collection bottles very securely and I have never had any issues with them slipping, getting heavy, or moving around while pumping.

I worked from home which made using this really easy for me but I am sure this is great in an office environment as well. Most of the reviews on Amazon seem to come from women who use it for pumping at work. It allows you to multitask while pumping which is a huge time saver and boredom saver.


The Pros:

  • Hands free pumping!
  • Made in the USA
  • Can use with any electric breast pump and pump both sides simultaneously.
  • Very adjustable, comes with a zip out panel and Velcro for all kinds of adjustment.
  • Will probably fit almost all women.
  • Soft and non irritating material.
  • Very supportive.
  • Good tight seal to hold your breast milk bottles in place.
  • Can support pretty full bottles without stretching or moving.
  • Machine washable.
  • Comes with straps that can be used if needed.
  • Comes in two colors, black and pink.

The Cons:

Probably needs to be taken on and off at work because it may not lie that smoothly under clothes or may show through clothes. While it is comfortable I don't think I could wear it for extended periods. Again, just needs to be taken on and off for pumping. This is probably not much of a negative but I thought I would mention it. The reviews for this product are overwhelmingly positive. You can check out more here.



Simple Wishes Hands Free Bra is a great tool to make pumping easier. It is a must get item for moms that pump regularly.

Do you use a hands free bra to pump? Let me know what you think of it and please let me know if you have any questions!


Tuesday 7th of June 2016

you can try this bra , I fit very well :