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Looking For a Nursing Sports Bra? Here's the Best One I have Tried!

Wacoal provided two nursing bras for me to try but all opinions are always my own.

I can't believe I have had three children and only after my third I decided I need a nursing sports bra. In the past I would use regular bras, or regular sports bras, while working out. This was not a good idea because I ended up with mastitis twice after using tight fitting bras for excercise.

After my third baby was born I discovered an exercise I love and lost a significant amount of weight. Finding an exercise you enjoy is the key to sticking with it, and now with a routine I need a good nursing sports bra.

Wacoal is one of my favorite lingerie and underwear brands so I was happy to try out their nursing bras. Wacoal sent me their Wire Free Sport Nursing Bra and it is perfect. It's important to have easy access to your breasts for feeding during or after a workout. I would always end up pulling my entire bra up or off to feed, and it was not ideal when sweaty and holding a hungry baby.

I also cannot stress enough what a difference using the right nursing bra for activity can make in being comfortable and preventing mastitis. I learned my lesson there and will do everything I can to prevent it now.

A little more information about the wire free sport nursing bra from Wacoal:

  • Wire free sport nursing bra
  • Designed for medium impact activities
  • Easy-open clips on drop down cups
  • Mesh lining wicks moisture away from the body
  • Internal frame for additional support
  • Wide elastic bottom band for secure fit and stability
  • Close-set back straps
  • Hook-and-eye closure with five adjustments
  • Comfortable fully adjustable stretch straps

This bra is made out of spandex, lycra, and nylon. It only comes in black.

A few things I love about this bra:

It's comfortable and soft. I hate scratchy materials, and this bra manages to be soft and still keep the sweat wicked away. It's easy to breastfeed in and this is key for a nursing bra of course. I had no trouble opening or closing it. It's also highly adjustable with adjustable straps and several band settings. While it says it's for medium impact activities, I found it worked great for me to use for cycling. The bra goes up to G sizes. I am DD and it fit me well.

Wacoal Nursing Bras Sports Bra and T-shirt Bra - Breastfeeding Needs

Wacoal Nursing Bras Sports Bra and T-shirt Bra - Breastfeeding Needs

Wacoal Nursing Bras Sports Bra and T-shirt Bra - Breastfeeding Needs

Wacoal Nursing Bras Sports Bra and T-shirt Bra - Breastfeeding Needs

Wacoal also sent me their Underwire T-shirt Nursing Bra:

This bra is also supportive and super comfortable. It does have underwire. It is recommended if you are going to wear underwire while breastfeeding to use a bra specifically for nursing, and with underwire that does not dig in. This bra fits the need with a nice flexible underwire. It's easy to open and close one handed and provides good coverage while still looking stylish. The T-shirt bra is available in a sand color and black and also goes up to a G size. I love that I have found another comfortable nursing bra with underwire which can support full figures.

Wacoal Nursing Bras Sports Bra and T-shirt Bra - Breastfeeding Needs

Here is some more information about the T-shirt bra from Wacoal:

  • Full coverage everyday t-shirt nursing bra designed for comfort
  • Cups of breathable soft spacer fabric provide opacity without the weight
  • Flexible underwire supports breasts without digging in
  • Easy-open clips on drop down cups
  • Cups stay in place after unfastening until you pull it down—no embarrassing moments
  • Internal A-frame sling to stabilize breast while nursing
  • Beautiful lace along neckline for modesty
  • Band designed for superior comfort
  • Hook-and-eye closure with five adjustments
  • Comfortable fully adjustable stretch straps

You can find the Wacoal Wire Free Sport Nursing Bra here and the Underwire T-shirt Nursing Bra here on the Wacoal website.

You can also find the Sport Nursing Bra on Amazon if you prefer to shop there.

Both of these bras are highly adjustable to move with your growing size, and can be used during pregnancy and postpartum while breastfeeding. Pleas let me know if you have any questions!

Iris Jones

Tuesday 13th of February 2024

Hey Jen! First off, massive thanks for sharing your experience with nursing sports bras. It's like you're speaking to the souls of all the active moms out there who are tired of wrestling with their bras mid-workout while trying to wrangle a hungry baby. Been there, done that, got the messy T-shirt to prove it! It's awesome to hear that Wacoal's Wire Free Sport Nursing Bra has been a game-changer for you. Easy access for feeding during or after a workout? Sign me up!))))))))))) And major props for highlighting the importance of the right bra to prevent mastitis. Ain't nobody got time for that painful ordeal. I'm also loving the deets on Wacoal's Underwire T-shirt Nursing Bra. It's like they've thought of everything – breathable fabric, flexible underwire, and no embarrassing moments with those stay-in-place cups. Plus, the lace detailing adds a touch of chic to the everyday mom hustle. But I gotta ask, have you ever dipped your toes into the European bra scene? I've heard whispers of some amazing brands across the pond, and I'm curious if you've ventured into that territory. For example . Always on the hunt for the comfiest, most supportive bra, you know? Thanks again for the insider scoop on nursing bras – you're doing the mom community a solid!


Tuesday 30th of January 2018

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