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KindestCup Review A 3 in 1 Breastmilk Collection Cup

I was provided a KindestCup to try out, all opinions are my own. 

When KindestCup asked me if I would check out their multifunctional three in one breastfeeding collection cup I was more than happy to give it a look.

When it comes to innovative products to help breastfeeding mothers I am more than happy to share them with my audience.

KindestCup 3 in 1 Breastfeeding Collection Cup

KindestCup was created by breastfeeding parents, and it is a silicone cup which can be used three ways for hand expressing milk, collecting breastmilk leaking from the other breast while nursing, and to cup feed your baby.

I think having a product like this with three different uses which all relate to each other is a worthwhile product for any breastfeeding mom.

KindestCup 3 in 1 Breastfeeding Collection Cup

When my first baby was a newborn I had a stressful experience with her in the NICU, and using a pump to establish my milk supply since I was having trouble breastfeeding her.

Using a pump while also trying to breastfeed made me end up later with an oversupply and plenty of leaking. This led to the need to express milk in the middle of the night due to discomfort.

Having something like the KindestCup to deal with my engorgement and leaking would have been great. Back then nothing like this cup existed.

The cup itself is very simple. It came in a soft linen reusable pouch so you can travel with it easily. The cup cleans super easily with simple washing.

There are no extra parts or anything to keep track of, and the cup fits easily in your hand. Compared to lugging a pump around (even a manual one) it’s very small and lightweight.

There are three ways to use the KindestCup:

  1. You can manually express milk using one hand to express milk and holding the KindestCup in your other hand. Hand expression is an easy way to collect your breastmilk if you do not have a manual pump available or you do not wish to use a pump. 
  2. Collect dripping milk while breastfeeding. Sometimes when breastfeeding your other breast may leak milk. The KindestCup will suction itself to your breast and collect this milk. It is small enough to be comfortable but has a wide opening.
  3. Use the KindestCup to feed breastmilk to your baby. Cup feeding is recommended in certain cases for breastfeeding babies. With my own first baby, since she was in the NICU, we had a hard time getting her to latch for the first couple of weeks. I was instructed to feed her with a tiny syringe or cup but I really did not have any kind of cup that would have worked so I used the syringe. The KindestCup would have been perfect for this. 
KindestCup 3 in 1 Breastfeeding Collection Cup


As you can see the KindestCup really is a unique and useful product for breastfeeding parents.

If this had been around when I was breastfeeding babies I would have definitely picked one up. Any multitasking product which also helps the breastfeeding relationship between mom and baby is a win for me.

You can learn more about KindestCup on their website here!