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Keeping Our Children Safe with the KidGuard Definitive Guide to Background Checks

As a parent one of my biggest fears is who my children may be interacting with on the internet. I wrote about it some on my other blog when I questioned if children are less safe today than when we were growing up.

And, while I don't worry as much about a stranger walking up to my child and abducting them in person since this is not actually that common, I do worry about internet safety as a real risk.

Keeping Our Children Safe Online with Kidguard - Breastfeeding Needs

The older my kids get the more this will become an issue. While I consider myself pretty tech savvy there are more apps and programs kids use as they become available, and it can be hard to keep up!

I am happy to learn about a new background search guide published by KidGuard that provides information and little-known techniques that parents can use to protect their children.

Read on below for the background search guide and other helpful links for keeping our children safe:

Definitive Guide to Background Checks & Interacting with Strangers

This guide includes conducting background checks on someone who makes you suspicious, and popular tools you can use for free to look up who your children are interacting with online.

Tips for neighborhood safety, and how to conduct employment background checks. This is helpful for us as parents when we hire someone to come into our home as well.

This guide also includes a section on identity theft and what to look for and how we can protect ourselves from it.

Parents' Survival Guide To Online Safety

This section provides information on cyber bullying and ways to spot it, prevent it, and deal with it. 

This covers online predators and what to look for, as well as apps teens use and how to keep track of them. This section includes tips for parents on how to monitor cell phone and internet use.

Parents' Guide to Preventing Child Abduction, Kidnapping, and Missing Children

This section includes real statistics and information on child abduction. Since this a huge fear for many parents, it is helpful to know the real stats and things we can do as parents to prevent this from happening to our children. This section also includes a parental checklist which for me included items I may not have thought of on my own for keeping my children safe online.


It can be overwhelming to keep our children safe online. I worry about this so much and there is much to keep track of. Having information and guidelines can be a huge help in making this less overwhelming.

Check out all the KidGuard information at their website here.

Update for the 2018 Holiday Season:

KidGuard has come out with a Parents' Holiday Safety Guide .

This guide covers these topics and I thought it was worth sharing!

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Keeping Our Children Safe Online With New Tools Available to Parents | Mom Tech Blog

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