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How to Keep Your Baby Warm While Babywearing

I love to babywear, the convenience of being able to strap your baby to you and head anywhere, and the calmness and comfort it brings to your baby makes it a great parenting tool in my opinion. I have written about babywearing extensively on my blog.

Once it gets cold or winter hits you may be wondering how to keep your baby warm while babywearing. Having extra layers and clothing can make babywearing a little more challenging but it doesn't have to be.

In the past I would improvise by dressing my baby somewhat warm, putting my baby against my body, and then wrapping something such as a blanket around them.

How to Keep Your Baby Warm While Babywearing

Here are a few ideas on how to keep your baby warm while babywearing:

Dress your baby warmly and put the baby carrier on under your jacket. You can then zip your jacket up and over your baby and carrier, as much as will fit. Of course leave your baby's head out of the jacket and use a hat to keep their head warm. Having your baby and carrier under your coat will use your body heat to keep your baby warm too.

Another option is to zip up your coat and put the carrier on over it. Then dress your baby warmly in outerwear, use a hat and mittens if they will stay on, and wrap a blanket or something else warm around your baby.

I have done this before and sometimes I would tuck the blanket into my coat or pants to keep it in place. This a more bulky option and does not work that well with young babies since they would prefer to be near your body.

Use a baby carrier cover. There are many different brands of covers available but Ergobaby is one of my favorites and I can vouch for them. These covers attach to any Ergobaby carrier, and keeps your baby warm and dry with the baby hood. It has a soft fleece lining and a water resistant fabric. They are also machine washable.

I have heard these will work with other brand of carriers as well but obviously they are made for Ergobaby carriers.

There are a few different tactics for keeping your baby warm in the winter but I love this idea the best. I don't believe these covers existed when I was babywearing my winter baby five years ago. And, as I said I had to improvise. Having a dedicated product for keeping my baby warm or dry would have been so helpful.

Here are some pictures of the Ergobaby weather cover to give you an idea how it attaches. I love that it has a hood!

How to Keep Your Baby Warm While Babywearing

How to Keep Your Baby Warm While Babywearing

babycarrier weather cover to keep baby warm while babywearing


There's a few options for enjoying the cold weather and wearing your baby at the same time. You can dress your baby in layers and put your baby carrier under your jacket, you can dress your baby super warmly in outerwear and wear them over your own outerwear, also utilizing a blanket. And, you can get a special weather cover which attaches to your baby carrier to keep your baby warm.

If you decide to check out the Ergobaby baby carrier winter cover you can find it here at the Ergobaby website or on Amazon with Prime shipping and free returns.

I also have a coupon to offer on the Ergobaby website which works for10% off one of each item in your cart. This coupon expires on December 31, 2019: JO8KBUYBBM

Please let me know if you have any questions about babywearing in the cold and tell me how you do it. Thanks!

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