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Gift Ideas For a Breastfeeding Mom

There are so many baby gift ideas but I thought it might be nice to come up with some gift ideas for a breastfeeding mom. These would be great for a baby shower, for a new mom or just because. The holidays are coming so if you know a breastfeeding mom maybe this can help you out.

Everything listed is something I love and have used as a breastfeeding mother. I hope this gives you some great ideas!

Earth Mama Angel Baby products

They make the most delicious stuff and it is all natural and organic. The natural nipple butter and stretch mark spray are my favorites but all of their products are amazing and well loved by moms everywhere. They have some awesome breastfeeding products as well as a breastfeeding essentials gift pack.

EarthMamaBreastfeedingEssentialsClick here to see more of their great gift sets.

Nursing clothes and pajamas

I love Figure8maternity's online store. They have the biggest range of nursing clothes I can find anywhere including everything from tops, dresses, pajamas and even bathing suits. They also carry some other breastfeeding accessories like nursing pads and nipple cream as well. They have wonderful customer service too. I use their tops and even have purchased one of their bathing suits. It's pretty cool to nurse on the beach without having to pull everything down.

The Jolie nursing top pictured is one of my favorites from their extensive nursing top collection.


Figure8maternity also carries pajamas. If you can guess mom's size, nursing pajamas make a great gift. I love and live in nursing pajamas. They really are great during pregnancy and beyond and I still use them even when I am not nursing just because they are so comfortable (maybe I lounge around too much?)

Look at this set that even has an outfit for the baby.. that would be a really cute gift.



A nusring scarf

There is a huge selection of nursing scarfs being made now that do not look like nursing covers but will function as one when in need. I loved using a nursing scarf instead of a cover. I used it mostly in the winter but that was perfect because that's when I had a newborn. This way I could wear something that looked fashionable and it would cuddle my baby and cover me when nursing.



A great book

There's a reason this book is called the breastfeeding bible. It has everything you need to know about breastfeeding and all the challenges and experiences that come with it. I read this book in it's entirety and it is very helpful for any women who is breastfeeding.

The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding by Diana West, Diana Wiessinger, and Teresa Pitman.



Boppy Pillow

I used the same Boppy pillow for both babies. That thing has seen it all and is still going strong. I did replace the cover but otherwise it has held up great.

I even wrote a review of it, I loved it so much. I used my boppy every single day for the first six months of both kid's lives at least. I cannot recommend having a nursing pillow enough.



A ring sling or a baby wrap

I have used both a sling and a wrap and I loved them both. I used my wrap more when my babies were newborns but a sling works great for a newborn too. I love having all the different kinds of baby carriers but you cannot go wrong with either one.

A wrap involves more fabric and you do have to learn how to wrap it. It will hold your baby super close and I found it the most comfortable when they are newborns. A sling slips over your head and is adjusted tightly once baby is inside. Either one will make an amazing gift.

Maya Wrap Lightly Padded Ring Sling:


My favorite wrap, Boba Wrap:



A free trial or subscription to a video service

Amazon Prime video is a great one. Breastfeeding involves a lot of time on the couch. Having a show to binge watch can really help in those early days when you sit and cluster feed so much.

Amazon prime also gives you access to discounted baby items via Amazon mom and books for your kindle. These are all things that are super useful once there is a newborn in the house. I spent my early breastfeeding days on the couch watching tv or reading books to get through those marathon nursing sessions!


I hope this gives you some ideas for great gifts for breastfeeding moms. There are many more I can think of so if you have any questions or need any other ideas feel free to contact me,

Thank you!