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Breastfeeding and Babywearing Books!

Over a year ago I became aware of a book from Melissa Panter, an author and illustrator, about introducing the idea of weaning to a toddler. I can definitely the time my toddler was younger, but he is still nursing so we are going to need this book more than ever soon. The name of this book is "Mama, Who Drinks Milk Like Me?"

You can read about it here at my previous blog post

weaning book for toddlers

weaning book for toddlers

If you would like the e book version you can find it here. The e book cost is pay what you want including nothing if you are inclined. You can also find the paperback and softcover version on Amazon for $10.99.

So, I am excited to announce that Melissa has a new book about babywearing

I adore babywearing, so this is another perfect book for me. It's called "Mama Holds Me Close: a babywearing book" and it is currently free with the coupon code 'comingsoon' for the first 100 people. After this the e book will be $.99.

You can find the soft cover on Amazon if you prefer a real book to e book. Find it here.

Here are some images:

babywearing book
babywearing book
babywearing book
babywearing book

babywearing book

And, in addition to these book options Melissa has also created an adult and child coloring book based on her first book, "Mama, Who Drinks Milk Like Me?"

The coloring book features pages for adults to color, with a corresponding page for your child to color. It has all the adorable animal pairs from her first book. Here is some more information from Melissa:

25 pages altogether including:

  • Cover page
  • Back page (bonus panda children's coloring page)
  • Title page
  • 18 mama/baby mammal pairs pages (9 adult coloring pages, 9 children's coloring pages)
  • 2 human mama/baby pair breastfeeding pages (1 adult coloring page and 1 children's coloring page)
  • 2 human mama/baby pair reading (1 adult coloring page and 1 children's coloring page)

You can get the e book version to download and color here.

Or if you would like the paperback and softcover version you can get it on Amazon.

babywearing book

You can find all of Melissa's products here and more information on her website and social media:
Instagram and Facebook

These books are wonderful for moms and children alike. Please let me know what you think and if you have any questions.