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Bravado The Essential Nursing Tank

Product: Bravado Designs The Essential Nursing Tank
Cheapest Place to Buy: at a discounted price
My Rating: 8 out of 10


Bravado Designs The Essential Nursing Tank is a nursing tank with a very supportive built in bra. It is made out of 92% Cotton and 8% Spandex and is very soft and supportive. It features discreet nursing clips but is easy to un-clip giving you full access for nursing. It is long in length and can be used for maternity and nursing. It comes in a large size range. bravadoessentialnursingtank

My Thoughts

This is a great nursing tank that can be used many ways. While I personally do not wear nursing tanks out, I do like them for around the house, sleeping, and in the early postpartum days. The built in bra really is heavy duty so I only used it for sleeping when my milk supply was still fluctuating. Otherwise it might be a little more supportive than what is needed for sleep. It's great for lounging though and even exercising and walking or yoga.

I bought one of these right after my first baby was born and just like my other Bravado products it has held up amazingly well and has been used for baby number two also.

I do not wear it out but that's only because I prefer to use nursing bras and regular clothes. I know a lot of women love to wear nursing tanks out under their clothes instead of using nursing bras. I definitely think this tank could be used in place of a bra since it has such a supportive bra built into it. It also has the benefit of hiding your stomach when nursing in public.

It's a soft and comfortable fabric, mostly cotton with a little spandex to hold the shape. It comes in a ton of colors. If you really love nursing tanks this is probably one of the best ones out there. It also comes in a large size range to fit everyone.


  • Supportive built in bra.
  • Comes in tons of color options.
  • Soft cotton/spandex combo.
  • Stretchy material adjusts to your changing size easily.
  • Can be used while pregnant and for breastfeeding.
  • Has held up well for me, for two babies and tons of washing.
  • Enough support to be used instead of a nursing bra.
  • Long and slimming, covers stomach while nursing.
  • Discreet and easy to use nursing clips.


There is not much negative about this nursing tank. I believe it is one of the better nursing tanks out there. When looking at reviews it seems the biggest complaint is that it can be hard to size or did not fit well. I have included the sizing chart and I found it easy to size going by my bra size. essentialnursingtanksizing

My only other negative about this tank is that the included bra is very thick. Now this might be a plus for some people if they would like it to replace their nursing bra. For me, I found it a little much for sleeping so I mainly used this as a lounge around the house piece. I don't like wearing nursing tanks out though so this could be a non issue for most women.

One last con is that the price is a little high. You can find it discounted here.


The Bravado essential nursing tank is one of the best nursing tanks out there. It is super supportive and multifunctional. Breastfeeding women seem to love it. I have one and though I don't wear nursing tanks often it has still gotten a lot of use.

If you would like to read more reviews you can check them out here.

Thanks for reading and please let me know if you have any questions about this nursing tank!