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Would You Buy a Virginia License Plate that Supports Breastfeeding?

As someone born and raised in Northern Virginia I am very aware of Virginia's love for specialty license plates. We have many choices to express ourselves through our car's license plate! I have adorned my car with one of the original mountain scenery plates for years.

So I was very interested to see that the Virginia Breastfeeding Task Force is working on getting enough interest to put out a Virginia license plate that supports breastfeeding.

I think this is an awesome idea!

Virginia breastfeeding license plate

The license plate would feature the international breastfeeding symbol and have the words "Building Bonds For Life" at the bottom. It would cost $20.00.


Right now the Virginia Breastfeeding Task Force needs 450 people to commit to buying this plate in order to move forward. If you are interested in this plate you can let them know.

Would you buy this plate? I am going to let them know that I would. I'm not sure how my husband would feel driving around with a breastfeeding license plate but I am sure he won't mind 🙂 Anything to support breastfeeding is a good thing!