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Boppy Travel Pillow

Product: Boppy Travel Pillow
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My Rating: 9 out of 10

So, if you read my review of the Boppy Nursing Pillow you know that I love this pillow.

I spotted the Boppy Travel Pillow in a Babies R Us once I already had my daughter and breastfeeding was well established. While it intrigued me, I thought do I really need another nursing pillow when my Boppy is so great? We traveled a lot by car and it seemed useful but I decided not to purchase it.

Flash Forward..

When my son was around four months old we took a five hour flight. This flight was a nightmare. A screamed as we got on the plane and I tried to get him to latch on and nurse before take off but he was not into it. It was quite stressful trying to get a screaming baby to latch on while people stared at me!

We had bought a seat for our daughter, my husband was in another seat and I had A on my lap. Since we were using a car seat for my daughter she was required to be in the window seat leaving A and me in the aisle. We were both so uncomfortably cramped. I had flown previously with my daughter and we nursed on the plane and it was not bad so why was this so much worse? Well it helps to have an extra seat near you for your arm overflow and to be near the window. We were on a plane and airline that had recently made their seats smaller in an effort to cram a few more onto the plane. The arm rests had been cut in half and did not extend the full length of the arm. I was attempting to nurse A with nothing under my arms at all to hold him or me. It was very uncomfortable and painful. He did eventually nurse but it was not the peaceful nice experience I had in the past nursing my daughter on a plane. He did not sleep well without any support and I was ridiculously sore upon arrival.

Determined to find the Boppy Travel Pillow

After that experience I decided I needed to find the Boppy Travel Pillow for our return flight. I was kicking myself for not buying it years ago and getting all that use out of it. I spent some time looking frantically for a store that carried it but I could not find it. I ended up ordering it from Amazon and having it sent to me at my vacation location. I was so excited to get that pillow! Now I had something to use on vacation while nursing and I had it for the return flight. It did make a world of difference and we had a much more peaceful return flight. We were on a plane with bigger seats so I am sure that helped too but A and I really enjoyed that support on our way back. boppytravelpillow

Features of the Boppy Travel Pillow

This pillow is almost the same as the Boppy except it folds and zips up for travel. It may have a little less padding to let it fold so nicely but otherwise it's very similar in support. It comes in a couple of colors, I believe a brown and pink shade and the green that I purchased. The green has a nice gender neutral color and pattern.

It features a fold in half design and zips close. It has a pocket on the outside to store a few things and a strap to carry it. The strap attaches to the pillow with Velcro. This is a great feature because once you open it and unzip the pillow you can kind of wrap the strap around you and attach it again to keep the pillow attached to you. This is not something the regular Boppy does but I utilized this on the plane so it would not fall to the floor if I stood up.


Another Boppy Pillow I love. Now I keep it in the car as my back up and travel Boppy. It was worth it even if I did bypass it the first time around.

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