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Milk Bands, a Breastfeeding Bracelet

Product: Milk Bands Nursing Bracelet
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My Rating: 7 out of 10

Product Features

The Milk Bands Nursing Bracelet can be worn on either wrist. It works by featuring a design where you can flip the breastfeeding bracelet over to let you know which side you last breastfed on. One side says Right and the other Left. One word is raised and the other indented so you can even feel it in the dark. You don’t need to switch it back and forth between arms like a hair tie, you just flip it.

There are two sliders on the bracelet that you can slide on one edge to the hour and the other edge to the minute. When you flip the bracelet over the slider is still in the correct place on the bracelet. This way you can track which side you are feeding on as well as what time you last nursed.

There are other uses for the sliders as well

You can  use it to record feeding sessions to the nearest five minute increment.

Use it to record multiple feeding sessions over the entire day.

Record the number of times the baby fed.

Or even use the slider for other reminders like how many diapers baby has had that day.

My Thoughts

I have used a couple of these. They come in different colors so you can buy a few to match different outfits. Esthetically I found them fine for daily use. I wouldn't wear it to a fancy event but every day is just fine. I like black because it matches everything!

The Pros

  • Many colors to match outfits.
  • Material is comfortable to wear and soft.
  • Easy to flip over one handed.
  • I really liked not having to switch from wrist to wrist.
  • Great idea for tracking times of feeds in addition to side last fed on.


There is one main con to this bracelet that prevented me from giving it a 10 out of 10 rating. The plastic slider that moves around the bracelet to track feeds, times, etc has a tendency to break after awhile. Every one I have owned has eventually broken. There are two extra sliders included with your purchase so you can replace it. You can also contact the manufacturer and they will send you new ones for free. milkbandslilac


Despite this con I still loved the Milk Bands Nursing Bracelet. I used an app to track feedings so I really mainly used this bracelet to track which side I last fed on. I was pretty forgetful and liked having this reminder. Even once my sliders broke, I created a slider out of a piece of rubber band I tied around the bracelet and used that for awhile. I think this bracelet is a great tool for a new nursing mom.