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Big Up My Boobs - An Animated Comedy Song

Writing a breastfeeding blog I am more than aware of how hard breastfeeding can be when we first embark on this journey. I started this blog because I struggled so much in the beginning and only felt mildly supported and not very understood.

With this in mind, I am more than happy to share information about the goal to make an animated video song about breastfeeding which provides support to mothers who need it.

Big Up My Boobs Kickstarter Project

From the Kickstarter campaign:

“Big Up My Boobs”, and is an animated comedy song. Its aim is to remind mums that they are amazing, and it will also help reassure new mums that they’re doing a great job (and that they’re not alone in their worries).

The song has four verses which will be sung by four different women, and they all have a little story to tell (pain/missing the pub/latching issues/public feeding). And then the chorus is about how badass they all are (hence the title “Big Up My Boobs”).

Find out more about the "Big Up My Boobs" project and become a supporter here: