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Another Liebster Blog Award!

So I am very honored that Southwest Mama has nominated me for another Liebster Blog Award. It's such a great feeling to know that my fellow bloggers have recognized me! This is my second Liebster award and third award in general in a short period of time so I am going to do an abbreviated version. I am going to answer her questions and want to thank her and ask my readers to check out her blog!

Liebster Award Rules:


Liebster Award

And the questions..

1.) What is your most guilty pleasure when it comes to food or drink? Hmm. Probably wine, coffee and soda. I don't really have a particular food but maybe french fries?

2.) Who is your favorite athlete, if any ? I don't really have a favorite athlete. I am a Redskins fan so as you can imagine it's been rough for a looong time.

3.) How many countries have you traveled to in your lifetime ? 4 hope to make it more!

4.) How long have you been blogging in front of an audience? Since early fall.

5.) Are you a vegan or meat eater? Meat eater.

6.) What was your best day last year? I had my baby boy at the end of 2013 so even though it was not technically last year it feels like it was. That was probably my best day but otherwise it's hard to pick because we had so many first year firsts in the last year.

7.) What’s your highest amount of blog visitors in one day? Lets just say that until that number is MUCH higher I don't want to share 🙂

8.) What would be your dream getaway, if only for one day? Hawaii, swimming and driving around and hiking. Any island will do.

9.) Who are you voting for in the Superbowl XLIX? Oops I'm a little late here but I was rooting for Seattle.

10.) Who is the worst house-guest you’ve ever had ? ( No need for names) Haha I've been lucky. I don't have guests that often and they have all been very well behaved.

11.) Have you ever been guilty of arriving at the checkout only to realize you’d left your wallet or purse in the car? Sure have. I've done it a couple of times actually!

Hopefully I can finish this post up fully in the future but in the meantime please check out Southwest Mama!