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A Day In My Life

I never  thought that this was what my life would look like. As a stay at home mom to two toddlers, I am very lucky to spend my days with my children. Before I had kids it was not something I envisioned. I planned to go back to work full time once my first baby arrived. Once she was here that changed and I went back part time instead. Then some unexpected changes in my life led to me becoming a stay at home parent. It wasn't planned and it wasn't envisioned but it has been wonderful. Not that it's always easy, a day in my life can range from fun and excitement to challenging and exhausting. I know this time is fleeting though and I try to make the most of it no matter what it brings.

So what does a day in my life look like? Well, I am always with my children. Sometimes we just hang around the house and keep it low key. Sometimes we make a day of it and go out all day. Most days are a combination of fun time and downtime. We might spend the morning out of the house doing an activity of some sort and stay closer to home in the afternoon. We do have nap times to fit in after all. At some point during my day, whether it is morning, nap time or after everyone is in bed; I try to work on my projects including blogging.

My day starts with nursing my 14 month old son as soon as he wakes up. I enjoy this quiet time together. Then my daughter and husband arise and down for breakfast we go. After breakfast the kids play, the husband heads downstairs to work (yes he works from home) and I attempt to get a few things done around the house. Then our goal is to get out of the house and enjoy. It can be challenging to get two willful toddlers dressed and out of the house but we go a bit stir crazy if we stay in too long. I am grateful to live in Loudoun County outside of Washington DC. The number of activities within an hour of us are endless. We are never bored. The hardest part has been the winter weather keeping us from the outdoors. We make the best of it and try to find indoor activities to keep us entertained as well.

On a recent grey winter day we decided to go to the Smithsonian Air and Space museum. It's only about 10 minutes away from our home and we had a great time. The big open spaces lend themselves well to toddlers running wild. My 3 year old was very fascinated with the "airplane store" as she called it. There is nothing like the fascination of airplanes and lots of running to wear the kids out. I grew up in this area and have already been to many of the places I visit with my children. Seeing them again through their young eyes is enlightening and enjoyable in a way I could have never imagined.

Once we got home my son settled in for a long nursing session to reconnect. Our afternoons and evenings usually look like this. My son nurses, we have a little play time, and dinner. We finish each and every day with baths, snuggling, nursing, and bedtime. Another fun and busy day.

 This post was an entry for the Sakura Bloom sling diaries. If you are not familiar with it, do a search and be amazed at the beauty!



Wednesday 10th of February 2016

One of the best things I have ever did was made every room in my house child frneidly. I started this almost 14 years ago and I am glad I did. I do not mean safe as far as child locks everywhere. Every room in my house is comfortable for children of all ages and adults. I keep everything that may be harmful or dangerous to my kids out of the house. Fortunately it was easy for us, I guess that's why kids and parents like our home.1stopmom's last blog post..


Thursday 26th of March 2015

Lovely! My dad lives in central Virginia and I just LOVE coming to visit. It's so beautiful and you are right, there's so much to do around there. You guys are lucky to live there!


Thursday 26th of March 2015

Thanks Lo! Yes, I love where I live and it's a great area for kids.