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What to Wear to the White House?

If you've read any of my posts in the last week you know I visited the White House for Let's Move! and to meet Michelle Obama. I am still so excited I had this opportunity.

After I got over my initial shock and excitement at receiving the invitation, I immediately wondered what to wear? Before I was a stay at home mom/blogger I still worked from home in IT. I seriously have not had to buy a business casual wardrobe in years. Many years, maybe 8? My usual wardrobe of leggings, yoga pants, or jeans was not going to work. Oh and add in the fact that I am 7 months (almost 8) pregnant and it was not looking good in my closet.

Sure, I have a few nice things but nothing that fit perfectly and felt great right now. And, this is the White House. I can't show up looking like a slob with clothes that are too tight or don't fit quite right. I consulted with my favorite mom group and they confirmed, I should wear a dress, flats are okay, and try to dress it up with jewelry.  I definitely needed flats since I am third trimester pregnant. Otherwise I think heels would have been nice.

My plan was to go out shopping that weekend and see what I could find. I decided to do a little browsing online as well, of course buying a dress sight unseen while pregnant is kind of risky. I happened to have recently received a coupon for Isabella Oliver and decided to check out their site. I have never shopped with them before. As soon as I started looking at the dresses I knew I would find something perfect. Business casual, formal, or for any occasion their dresses looked versatile. When I saw the Cardine Maternity Dress I had to give it a try. With the coupon it became more affordable, I had a black cashmere sweater and flats that would work with it, and black and white always looks great on me.

Here is a description of the dress from their website:

We love this piece – it‘s dressy in a subtle way that makes it perfect for weddings, but it‘s just as easily scoped out for work with a blazer and flats. Add into the mix a modern asymmetric hem, a super-soft jersey fabric and our head designer‘s favorite contemporary flora print and it‘s practically irresistible.

What do you think? White House appropriate?

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 6.45.49 PM Cardine Maternity Dress

I went ahead and ordered it hoping it would work and save me the hassle of running around trying to find something to wear at the last minute. I did my best guess with the sizing and with my fingers crossed went for it.

I received my dress with plenty of time to spare (it shipped quickly and for free!) and when it arrived I was quite nervous about how it would fit. But, it did. Actually it fit perfectly. How often does that happen when you are 7 months pregnant and need something in a pinch?

I paired the dress with my black cashmere sweater, black flats, and a grey handbag.

Cardine Maternity Dress

I have to say after my experience with Isabella Oliver I am sold. I love that most of their products are made to be used during pregnancy, while nursing, and then even afterwards. I'll admit once my maternity days are over I do not want to wear those clothes anymore. Isabella Oliver seeks to create clothes that you will love to wear even once the maternity days are over and they are extremely fashionable and high quality.

I am still riding high after my White House experience. Having an outfit that was easy to put together, fit the occasion, and fit me perfectly took a lot of pressure off and let me enjoy the moment.