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Stylish Teething and Nursing Necklaces

I have used teething and nursing necklaces with both of my babies. My first was one was gifted to me during my first baby shower and I am not sure I would have bought one otherwise. What a great gift idea for mom and baby! These stylish necklaces are usually made out of food grade silicone and they work for both teething and nursing.

nursing necklace

Nursing necklaces do double duty by giving your baby a soft silicone surface to teeth on and a necklace to play with while nursing. I actually purchased another one recently for my 21 month old to use as a distraction while nursing. I was getting tired of him pulling my hair, my shirt, and anything else he wanted and needed something he could play with. The necklace has done the trick, now he plays with it instead of grabbing my hair. Since these necklaces are also stylish, I suppose they actually do triple duty since they can add to your outfit as well.

The necklaces recommended here are 100% safe for your baby and made out of BPA free food grade silicone. They are free of toxins.

They are a natural way to soothe teething pain. They can be chilled for additional teething relief.

They are made with a breakaway safety clasp.

They are easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

They are all stylish and come in many colors and styles to look great with any outfit.

They also make a great baby shower or new mom gift.

The necklaces:

Ruby Roo Baby Silicone Teething Necklace

This is the one I recently ordered and we are loving it. My son has even learned to recognize and name the black and white cubes and count the number of cubes on it.

nursing necklace

This necklace is available on Amazon

This necklace also comes in three other color options, and includes a free E Book with baby recipes!

Chewbeads Jane Necklace

This was my first nursing necklace. My 3 year likes to wear it and play with it even now. This is a good option if you prefer beads all the way around. It does cost a little more but perhaps that is due to the extra beads.

nursing necklace

Those are two of my favorite styles, but here are two additional stylish options:

Chew-Choos - 'Cutie Pie' Silicone Teething Necklace - Modern Chic Baby Teether

This one comes in five different color options.

nursing and teething necklace

Eternal Love Teething Necklace

Comes in five color options, this necklace is very well loved and reviewed by many moms.

nursing necklaceSeriously there are so many cute teething/nursing necklace options it's really hard to choose only one. When choosing a necklace look for 100% food grade silicone, a break-away safety clasp, a necklace that is completely free of toxins and of course something that fits the look and colors you love!


Alan Lee

Tuesday 6th of September 2022

Good post guys!


Saturday 17th of March 2018

Hi, I bought the one here last week, and my baby is very happy. He cant stop chewing on it!

Kute Keiki

Wednesday 11th of May 2016

Hi. My baby is now on her teething age. As she reached 3 months old, she started to show some symptoms like refusing to food and swollen gums. For now, I am looking for some products that can help her to overcome this kind of situation like teething toys and other products that she is allowed to bite on and seeing your post is quite interesting as I have just met this kind of product. I wonder if where I can find this teething necklace. I want to purchase. I am looking forward to your response. Kind regards.