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Mommy Knows Best Lactation Products and Gifts for New Moms!

Mommy Knows Best sponsored  this post. All opinions are always my own.

Since I write a breastfeeding blog I am always looking for new items for pregnant and breastfeeding moms. I also love to give unique baby shower gifts, and gifts that are special for the mom in addition to her baby.

I am excited to share a company, Mommy Knows Best, who makes healthy and natural breastfeeding products for moms. They put a lot of care and thought into the products offered, and also have skin and hair supplies for moms as well.

Breastfeeding Gifts for New Moms - Breastfeeding Needs

Here is a little information about them from their website:

Mommy Knows Best was founded in 2014 with the mission to create safe and natural products for nursing mothers who need assistance increasing their breast milk supply for their new born babies. Being a leader in the industry, our products are very highly rated by moms. They are natural, safe and very effective and helps boost milk supply. Apart from that we do have skin care and hair care products as well. The main goal of the brand is to help moms that have an issue, and hence the more awareness about our brand will maximize the effort.

Here is some further information about Mommy Knows Best:

They offer a money back guarantee on their products and stand behind them.

Their products are made in the USA.

Customer service is available to answer questions and concerns.

Their products are safe and vegan friendly

Any allergy concerns are addressed on their website.

Orders ship quickly from a fulfillment center in the Midwest, and all items are in stock and ready to ship.

Ordering is secure and the best prices are available online.

Gift ideas

I scoured their website looking for unique baby shower gifts, and was quickly impressed with what I found. I love the already put together breastfeeding gift sets. I find them so helpful for a new mother because they include products she will definitely use and may not have thought to buy for herself. Mommy Knows Best has taken some of their most popular breastfeeding supplies and put them into two gift set options.

Their Gift Set 1 includes:


Goat’s Rue (120 capsules) which is helpful for inducing lactation in mom’s, and for babies who are sensitive to blessed thistle capsules and fenugreek seed tablets.

A maternity Belt. This is a comfortable support belt for pregnancy and post natal. I used one of these due to having SPD (Symphysis pubis dysfunction) with all of my pregnancies and a support belt is key.

Breastfeeding pads. The gift set comes with eight washable bamboo breast pads. Bamboo is my favorite material for breast pads because they are absorbent and super soft.

Stretch mark cream. This cream includes essential oils and vitamins to reduce and prevent marks.

A cooler, which keeps milk cold for about six hours. It holds up to five breastmilk storage bags, or five 5 oz bottles. It also has a front pocket for extra storage. The cooler's dimensions are L x W x H: 7” x 7” x 5”. While I did not pump often while breastfeeding having a cooler is so helpful for those few times you do. I also tend to use breast milk coolers to carry sippy cups and other supplies once my babies are a little older.

Breastfeeding Gifts for New Moms - Breastfeeding Needs

Gift Set 2 is similar to the first one with a few differences:

This one includes:

Goat’s Rue (120 capsules).


A lactation fruit mix which can be used to make smoothies.

A lactation supplement.

The Cooler.

And the breastfeeding pads.

You can see this gift set is similar to the first one except instead of focusing on pregnancy in addition to breastfeeding, it has more lactation inducing supplies. My tendency would be to give the first gift set as a baby shower gift, and the second one to a new mother who is hoping to increase her milk supply.

Additional items available for breastfeeding moms:

In addition to the gift sets, Mommy Knows Best offers many other lactation supplies. They have a nipple cream which looks wonderful and is made out of non toxic and organic ingredients.

They offer two cooler sizes, and breastfeeding pads which can be purchased on their own. They also have a lactation cookie mix, because who doesn't love cookies that increase your milk supply? And, of course they have lactation dietary supplements.

Breastfeeding Gifts for New Moms - Breastfeeding Needs Breastfeeding Gifts for New Moms - Breastfeeding Needs Breastfeeding Gifts for New Moms - Breastfeeding Needs Breastfeeding Gifts for New Moms - Breastfeeding Needs Breastfeeding Gifts for New Moms - Breastfeeding Needs



Mommy Knows Best offers high quality breastfeeding and lactation supplies as well as thoughtful breastfeeding gift sets for new moms. They are made for new moms by moms. These gift sets or any of the items on their website would make a wonderful baby shower gift or gift for a new mother.

Please check them out and let me know your thoughts!