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Looking for a Nursing Stool?

If there is one thing that can really make breastfeeding more comfortable and easy, it is a great nursing stool! Using a nursing stool can relieve a lot of stress on your shoulders, neck and back. I find nursing with my feet flat on the floor very uncomfortable. If I am not sitting in a laid back position, or using a nursing stool, it makes a huge difference for me.

I have gone through a few nursing stools between two kids. I splurged on a great glider for both kids. I loved my first one so much that I did not want to move it out of my daughter's room when my son came along, so I bought a second one. I used the built in nursing stool on the Glider's ottoman and it is wonderful.

I did not want to spend as much money though the second time, so I bought the glider but skipped the ottoman, and got a nursing stool instead. I have since used two different ones, the Kidcraft Nursing Stool and the My Brest Friend Nursing Stool.

looking for a nursing stool

Dutailier Glider and stool


I have two gliders very similar to this one from Dutailier, the ottoman has a pull out nursing stool.

The Dutailier Glider is so comfortable, I cannot recommend it enough. I love ours (I have two of them) and the matching Ottoman comes with a built in nursing stool. The stool can pop in and out of the ottoman but is not otherwise adjustable. The ottoman glides and cannot be stopped, so it is always moving. The stool part was the right height and comfortable for me. It is metal and covered in some kind of faux leather material and it is lightly padded. It is super comfortable but if you are looking for just the stool without an ottoman the two stools below are my top choices.

My Brest Friend Adjustable Nursing Stool, Wood


The My Brest Friend stool comes in a light natural wood color or white. I wish it came in a cherry color too. It is made out of wood and it feels very sturdy and well made. It has some strips on the top of the stool that are meant to be grippy for your feet. I know some people do not like them because they feel sort of like sandpaper. They really do not bother me at all though.

This stool is adjustable to different heights so you can adjust to your preference. It is adjusted by turning the knobs on the side to loosen it, and then tighten it again. This is a little more work than the Kidcraft's adjusting mechanism, but I prefer these knobs and you will see why below. Just like the Kidcraft stool, this one can become a step stool after breastfeeding is finished. I love this stool and I love how sturdy it feels. If I had to go back and only get one it would probably be this one.


Kidcraft Adjustable Stool for Nursing


This stool comes in a beautiful cherry color.

The Kidcraft nursing stool comes in natural, white and a cherry color. It is made out of wood but it does not feel quite as thick and heavy duty to me as the My Brest Friend stool.

This is actually the first stool I used with my son, but I ended up replacing it with the My Brest Friend due to a couple of issues. The adjusting mechanism is very easy to use, you can adjust it on the fly by moving it up and down using the little knobs on the side.

The big issue for me is that those knobs (there are four of them) come out very easily. They are just sitting in the holes in the side of the stool and pop right out. I would find them on the floor all the time and that is a choking hazard. I am sure you could attach them with some wood glue but I really did not want the fumes in my baby's room.

I also found that this stool wobbled a little under my feet when nursing. It didn't bother me too much but it made a tiny noise which is critical when you are trying to move with a sleeping baby!

Like the Brest Friend stool, you can use this one as a step stool when you are done using it as a nursing stool. I think the range of adjustments that can be made are greater than with the The My Brest Friend Stool.

Despite the issues above, I would have just kept on with this one because I still really liked it and it did what it is mean to do. But, my kids ended up getting a little violent with it and the wood cracked. I wouldn't say that is normal wear and tear though, that was our fault!

Between the cracked wood and the pegs falling out repeatedly, I ended up buying the My Brest Friend stool. When I was looking for my replacement, the Brest Friend stool was a little cheaper and that is what spurred my decision.



If you are going to skip the glider ottoman option, and looking for a nursing stool the Kidcraft nursing stool and My Brest Friend stool are both great choices. I pointed out some flaws in both, but in the end they are both great stools that will make breastfeeding more comfortable. Your choice may come down to the color selection, price, or whether those removable pegs in the Kidcraft will bother you.