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Latch Pal Breastfeeding Clip

I recently had the chance to review a breastfeeding clip called LatchPal. I can't believe I am nursing my third baby and had never seen or heard of this before. What a genius idea. LatchPal was invented by a mom (of course!). It is a clip that lifts your shirt up and clips it in place so you can easily breastfeed your baby without your shirt falling or needing to be held up.


Here is some information about it from the LatchPal website:

BREASTFEED IN COMFORT: LatchPal is a mom-invented breastfeeding clip that holds up a mother’s shirt so she can be hands-free, nurse comfortably, maximize milk flow, and have a clear view of her baby & breast to achieve successful  latching & feeding. LatchPal is also perfect for pumping to keep shirts stain-free!

BREASTFEED IN STYLE: Don’t sacrifice your style because you’re breastfeeding! LatchPal can be used with a mom’s existing wardrobe and only requires one hand to attach and latch, it secures shirts through all seasons.

I seriously love this little product. I have been lucky to find many stylish and easy to use nursing tops and dresses from some great companies, but sometimes you want to wear your old non nursing tops as well. Or sometimes you really want to buy a new top but hold off because it is not nursing friendly. In the past I have gotten around this by wearing a tank top or Undercover Mama nursing tank under my main top and raising my top up while pulling the tank underneath down.

This two shirt method works okay but it can be a struggle with all the fabric on top of baby. I have definitely had trouble doing this as discreetly as I preferred because my top was bunched up in my hands and I had trouble seeing my baby and breast. LatchPal eliminates this issue by holding the top up for you.



LatchPal is small, lightweight, cute, and convenient. It comes in a few different designs. I got to try a neutral chevron one but I love these designs below on the LatchPal website:

screen-shot-2016-11-17-at-10-58-22-am screen-shot-2016-11-17-at-10-58-38-am

I believe LatchPal would make a useful, stylish, inexpensive gift for a new mother. Get it for a baby shower, or to add to a gift bag for a new mom. LatchPal is also useful for pumping moms and as a reminder of which breast you last fed on. I felt it was small and comfortable enough to leave clipped in my shirt between feedings.

It has other uses as well once you are done nursing. It can be used to hold a pacifier, keys, hand sanitizer or anything while clipped to a bag.



You can find LatchPal on their website or Amazon with free Prime shipping.