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Hospital Breastfeeding Support Bags Instead of Formula Bags

Back in February I wrote a blog post about how it would be great to replace the free formula gift bags that are given upon birth in US hospitals, with breastfeeding support bags. After receiving formula gift bags at the hospital after the birth of my first and second baby in 2012 and 2013 it was an idea I had. Even though I was a breastfeeding mother I was given formula to take home with me. It seemed unnecessary and like it was sending the wrong message.

After my post was written I received this comment:

Check out they have created An alternative to formula bags with a breastfeeding support bags for hospitals. They are in over 800 hospitals and growing. As of Last summer they have shipped over 2 million bags to new mothers wishing to breastfeed. Go cottonwood kids!!!!

Hospital Breastfeeding Support Bags Instead of Formula Bags

I was intrigued because I had not heard of cottonwood-kids, and I did not know of any hospitals giving out breastfeeding support bags. I was happy to hear about it and filed it away mentally to write about in the future.

This past May I gave birth to my third baby and was thrilled to discover that my hospital was no longer giving out formula bags; I was given a cottonwood-kids breastfeeding support bag. I can't even explain how happy this made me. I know the hospital where I gave birth is working towards baby friendly designation and it was wonderful to see some of the changes they have made.

So, what's in a breastfeeding support bag?

It came in a cute green cooler which my hospital placed inside a canvas bag of their own.

Hospital Breastfeeding Support Bags Instead of Formula Bags

The cooler contained many coupons and information about breastfeeding. It also included samples of four milk storage bags and four nursing pads from Lansinoh. It also had nipple cream samples, and mother's milk tea samples.

Hospital Breastfeeding Support Bags Instead of Formula Bags





Thanks again cottonwood-kids and INOVA. This is a wonderful step towards helping more breastfeeding mothers reach their breastfeeding goals.